What's with the 3 game weeks?

So basically....what's up with the weeks with only 3 games?

Been bugging me for a few days...couldn't find the 4th game...then checked the CFL schedule...LOL...

The league decided to give every team three bye weeks this season. The math dictates that there will be some weeks when three teams get a bye.

At least they had the sense not to do it in week 1 or week [whatever the last week is].

To me this means less injuries and better recoveries I'm all for it.

Way better imo.
The season starts earlier. The schedules are better. No one has to play two games in one week on odd days.

Last year there were nineteen weeks with four games and one week with five games. This year there are eighteen weeks with four games and three weeks with three games. Still 81 games in all though.


Thanks everyone.

Change is hard for some. Still same number of games tho.

Hopefully we see fewer injuries across the league this year.