What's with the 3-game losing streak?

Does anyone else find this trend a bit odd? A bunch of teams that started off well, have suffered 3-game losing streaks.

The Giants started 5-0, but they're on a 3-game losing streak.
The 49ers started 3-1, but they're on a 3-game losing streak.
The Jets and Ravens both started 3-0, and then went 0-3.

Fortunately for Atlanta, they play the Redskins this week, so they should avoid the 3-game skid.

Pretty weird that so many teams have suffered the 3-game skid after starting well, though...

its been a weild season of the NFL, where I honestly think the salary cap hasn’t be enfroced as it should be. There have been so many undefeated and 0 and # teams this season it’s ridiculous.

rather watch the CFL where it’s more competive :rockin: