What's with Ralph?

Thats two games out of 3 that he has jumped offside on big plays. Is it just that he is not focused in the games? Maybe he hasn't learned the plays to the level that he needs for game situations and thats why he's caught so often. People are being quick to blame Boreham, the coaches, even Maas... so lets just throw Ralph into the mix, and call it a day. However just so we are clear, I am not blaming Ralph on the loss or calling for his head, but I think it is becoming clear that the team is accountable for the losses so far, not individuals. Yes Boreham missed the field goal late in the game, but what about the lack of offensive production. If the 'O'got the ball in the endzone early in the game it could have been a much different situation. Or if the defense hadn't allowed Burris to march up and down the field so easily then may that would have been the difference. There is more work ahead, Im not happy with it, and getting impatient, but I really think we still have better days ahead. Thats my view, feel free to disagree.

I agree with you on Ralph. This guy has done NOTHING but hinder the team so far this year. You have Morealle on the Bench and Fleming on the practice roster. With that kind of depth, Ralph is just wasting space and costing the team! As for Jamie...dude, you have to admit, he's GOT to go!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys are nuts. Ralph is absolutely amazing. Sure the penalty may have been costly, but that is not why the game was lost. Did they even throw one in his direction all game? Get him involved in the O and good things will happen. Plus, give Maas more than 1 second to find a receiver and we might even get some first downs.

I disagree that he is that "amazing" so far this season all he's done is take back great plays by making stupid penalties. It has been talked about by ted michaels on the 5th quarter many times that stupid penalties and undisciplined play have cost us at least the Toronto game (where Ralph was offside on the Yeast TD) and last nights game where he was offside on Vaughn's big play. I dont care how good your potential is, its what you do ON the field and how much you contribute every game that counts. So far he's not productive, he's gotta get his head in the game just like boreham. Ability is only 50% of the game the other part is mental. Get it together or get out.