What's with Montreal?

Forgive me for dwelling on the negative, but why are there only 30,000ish at this game in Montreal? The Big Owe used to fill up completely for these games. But their playoff game last year wasn’t very well attended, and neither is this one, IMO. 30,000 is a fairly large crowd for Canada, yeah, but Montreal has proven they can put upwards of 50,000 in this stadium. And considering too that this is the East Final against a huge rival … why is it half empty there?

Wondering that exact thing myself! :?

Something better happening in Montreal today that would keep casual fans away?

I think it had to do again with the fact that their last regular season game at the Big O was another crap-fest with Montreal getting smacked by the eliminated Eskies.

The Alouettes consistently got 50,000+ crowds when they held only the playoff game there. The season they introduced the last regular season game to the big O they lost huge to the Argos & subsequently had a poor turnout for the east semi final.

Fans in Montreal are known for resoundingly supporting in success but fickle in defeat.

And that stadium is a completely crappy place to see a football game.
It's better to stay at home than go see a game under the dome 2 miles from the field.

Winnipeg Stadium should be packed to the rafters for what looks like a BC vs Montreal Grey Cup Game!!

It has to do with the bad...no lousy...heuuuu I mean miserable...I just can`t find a name strong enough for the last 2 fan's games at the big toilet(2006& 2005). It was a disgraced.


What are you basing this on? During the Habs crappy years the last decade or so every game was packed.

Since the Expos left town, the Big Owe is no longer equipped to handle events with large crowds. The staff that work for the OIB make going there for a game a true hassle, especially for those going by Metro (and for anyone not in the East End, Metro is the way to go). I wasn't at the game yesterday, so maybe the issue was addressed, but I do know that at the last two games I went to there, getting into the game was a pain in the a**.

Another thing that really hurt the attendance at the game was Ottawa folding, which caused the Big Owe regular season game to be moved from the first week till the second to last week. It did not leave a long time for the fans of Montreal to forget what a hassle it was getting to the game, and it did not leave a long time for the sting of a bad game to leave. In fact, I believe it was for that very reason that the Als scheduled the Big Owe game in the first week, so it would not impact home playoff attendance.

I am from Montreal and the problem here is that people love WIN WIN teams. Now, I hear people saying that Montreal Als is a good team... right... but don't forget that Montreal lost several games in the Big "O" lately.

-Against the Argos in East final in 2004
-Against the Argos in a regular season game in 2005.
-Against the Eskimos this year.

Note that the crowd was bigger for the latter game than in the final. Why? Because Als have been miserable against Edmonton and people here don't forget. It would have been otherwise if they had won that game.

One more point, French-Speaking guys in Montreal prefer by fifty football fields to go see a Hockey game, even on television. Don't know why... that the way it is I guess... Few of my colleagues will watch the Grey Cup game Sunday because they don't like Canadian Football. On my part, I won't miss it for anything in the world.

GO ALS GO... Against BC, it won't be easy, but my heart is with the Birds...

(Excuse my English, it's not my first language)...

I wish my French was as good as your English biggstalsfan. You can tell your colleagues who won't even watch their own team play in Canada's national championship game that only the smartest people in Canada realize the beauty of the Canadian game and Canadian football, the others just don't have it upstairs to see this.

It amazes me how so many Canadians don't know how to love something so Canadian as our football with such a long and storied history. I don't get it and I don't get them, weird. It's as if it's something Canadian, it can't be good, it must be totally American in nature. Glad I don't have that personality or attitude about me.

I might be jumping the gun here, or just misreading the statement from ‘bigestalsfan’, but what does language have to do with it!

I’m having a Grey cup party with my friends, (16 people in all) and they’re all francophone.
We do this every year, whether Montreal’s in it or not. So please don’t bring the language card into this.

Unless I analysed your post wrong, in which case I apologize and will go back to the shadows.

That's exactly what happened. It did not help that the players came out afterwards and said that the game did not matter. Seems to me that everyone still paid full price to see it though.

Doesnt matter. there'll be 300,000 in the streets on tuesday for the Grey Cup parade!!!!!