What's with Mike Kelly?

Just reading herb Zurkowsky's article on Mike Kelly's post-game reaction. First, he accuses the Wpg radio media for making bull---- comments when asked whether the Bombers lost some focus, considering their big game next week. And then he lambastes the print media, while complaining that the Als did a good job of holding all game long.

I've played football as a DT. I can assure you that I was held on virtually EVERY OTHER PLAY. It is legal for an OT/OG/C to put two hands on the opponent's shoulders, but if he clenches his hands... With 24 bodies in motion at the same time, 2 line judges can't see or call every holding infraction. To be sure, the Bombers O line did the same as does EVERY O line! Making comments like that is sour grapes. He did compliment the Als on the win, stating they were a good team, and he should have said that the Bombers were simply not on their game and leave it at that. Mike Kelly - tsk tsk!