what's with Esksfans.com?

that place seems to be pretty dead lately. you’d think with the whole Owens on the Neg list that it would be hot with activity… nope. not even a single thread about it.

what’s up with that forum?

And this sub-forum is also near the bottom of the various club forums on this board when it comes to activity. I thought it was probably due to Eskimos’ fans posting on their own forum but you’re saying it’s not so. I don’t understand.


you make no sense.

This Eskimos’ sub-forum here is dead. But it’s not because fans of the Eskimos are posting on Esksfans.com. Eskimos’ fans just aren’t posting at all which is strange.


Eskie fans have a far more healthy community active on Facebook and Twitter than on forums. The Edmonton Eskimos Empire is very active … there are many others facebook pages for Eskie fans. Most of the pages boot trolls, so if you plan to be that person don’t bother.

Facebook and to a lesser extent Twitter have eaten a lot of that community website marketshare. Everyone already is on Facebook and visits the site regularly so one thing just leads to another. I do think it’s difficult to have good, in-depth discussions on Facebook which is why I think forums will always have their place.

True, but with fewer and fewer Eskie fans using forums the point is moot as there is nobody to discuss in depth … well anything about the Eskies, because they are all on Facebook.

Not me. Facebook is where grandmothers go to keep in touch with their grandkids. I’ll continue to leave Facebook to the dilettantes.

I prefer Twitter and Snapchat which also has a strong Eskie following, but if you think Facebook is passe then old school 1980’s style chat forums must really turn you off.

I miss the sound of the rotary phone :slight_smile:

I think Facebook is mass market, and thus not for me. Dedicated forums are better suited to hard-core enthusiasts such as myself.


Yes, mass market like actually having people on it, unlike a destination 1980’s chat forum that excludes anyone who doesn’t share their groupthink. This chat forum at least has mass appeal because all CFL fans are going to come to the CFL site and might drop by the forums.

It is hard to have a conversation with one’s self and as such, I don’t see the forums having any longevity. While the depth of a conversation is a decent one, our whole society is moving away from any meaningful discussion on any topic and the CFL is no different. As the CFL continues to chase new and younger fans the forums that appeal to the 45+ crowd will die off and so will facebook as newer technologies rise.

At the end of the day most fans don’t want to talk about how the Eskies defence is a 4-2 Hybrid Cover2/3 like a Tampa 2 with zone on field side and man on the boundary or the Esks offence is a Smashmouth Spread offence. They want to talk about much simpler things and post it on a platform that gives them immediate gratification.

In reality, it is about dopamine that comes from the instant gratification of getting likes or re-tweets of one’s shallow observations and Twitter is perfect for that during the game. Having typed that Generation Z has the potential to be a far deeper generation than the Millenials. The question is how will they communicate? It is obvious that the current platforms will not meet their needs and that means something new. For certain, the CFL needs to keep up with this generation as they will make or break the CFL’s longevity.

Well you’re certainly right about that. I’d rather discuss whether C.J. Gable could crack a tailback lineup featuring Jackie Parker, Rollie Miles, Normie Kwong and Johnny Bright. Think he would have been up to the task?


Yes, and yet nobody cares about the past except for old dudes that live there. As hard as it is to find someone to talk about real football X’s and O’s strategy, tactics and players of today. It is even harder to get someone to talk about how current players stack up to past players. Very few fans care about the CFL past and traditions anymore. As the older fanbase dies off so does CFL history.

So now this Esks sub-forum has died again.


Where’s DPop13?


He’s on Facebook.

Yeah, but he’s not posted here for a while and he was instrumental in keeping this Eskimos’ forum active.


Perhaps he gets more out of the posts in the various FB groups. Myself, I have been extricating myself from more and more FB groups as I can’t stand the typical “Reilly is gonna go to the Riders because they’re the best. Woo!” posts with no thought behind them at all. Typical fanboy/fangirl stuff, which is fine and dandy, but I want to discuss things on a serious basis.

I tend to do the majority of discussions with Esks fans on Twitter, texting or in person. I post on Esksfans because there tend to be some good, solid posters who are looking to post about the players, the team, the league and football in general with well-thought out posts and discussions, and I learn from many of them. The other stuff I ignore, and suggest those that don’t like certain discussions don’t go into them or block people that they have no use for, and it works well.

Esksfans will be fine; as for dpop, I’d be all for a discussion about schemes, strategies and the X’s and O’s, because I have a lot to learn from that area, and it would enhance my enjoyment of the game.

I started up the @EsksHistory account on twitter and started the Esks History moment on the Eskimo Empire Podcast because people said they wanted to know more about the history of the team, and such. We will see if they still are interested or if they’ve moved on or not, but so far I get feedback that people enjoy it, along with the video portion of the podcast we do every Monday night before recording where we do a little “Horde & Tell” and I show off various parts of my Esks collection. If anyone is interested in that, get Periscope app on your phone, and find @EskEmpirePod and join in the discussion!

I actually think DPop13 was banned by a mod who’s a Stampeder fan but I’ve not been able to elicit such an admission from the mod.

There is a pronounced cliquish element to the Esksfans forum.