What's with Chris Leak holding onto his Florida Gator days?

I just watched a video on TSN.com and Chris Leak is wearing a Florida Gators hat in the interview (which was just shot within the last few days).

What is with this guy and holding onto his past so much? First the ridiculous Gator chomp celebration after a first down scamper on a broken play and now he's representing the Gators during interviews? (He wasn't just wearing the hat, he was also dressed in their colours.) I thought this guy had been with the Als for three years or something already. You'd think he'd take a little pride in his professional team and leave his college days in the past where they belong.

I'm curious about others' thoughts on players' dress in interviews. In virtually every interview I've ever seen with a professional player of any sport that I can remember, they are dressed in their current team's gear or dress clothes not depicting any team. This, to me, seems fair. It is, after all, as much a brand as a team.

Do y'all think players should be mandated to wear their current team's gear or is it okay to represent another team even if they're not in the same league as your current one?

I personally think it was a bit of a slap in the face to the Als for Chris Leak to do this and a poor decision on his part. Even if he didn't happen to have an Als hat, he could've at least taken off his Gators hat.


Why Do you care ?

Us Montreal fans love the kid and a most fans have no idea what The GatorChomp is.

Also Chris was honnored recently by his school and maybe they gave him the hat and he wears the hat out of PRIDE.

Anyway us Montreal fans are real happy to have Chris as part of our team, he's been pure class since arriving and as far as I'm concerned he is welcome to keep roots with his college alma if he wants.

I agree the gator chomp was bush, but college football in the states is bigger than the NFL in some places and really define's a player's career ! They always introduce NFL players with the "starting left tackle from OLE MISS, ETC......

Chris Leak loves his roots on where it all began en route to where he is today. Thus; In 2006 Leak led the Florida Gators to a 13-1 record, which culminated with a 41-14 win over the top ranked Ohio State Buckeyes in the 2007 BCS National Championship Game. I don't think it bothers Trestman in the least.

Edmonton Class, refreshing :thup:

I think it is either because NCAA season is just around the corner or because he will never be the star he was while at Florida.


He was a star in college and here he's a nobody still. I still try to squeeze into my size 30 jeans from 20 years ago, ain't happening. Living in the past clouds the future. I agree, Leak seems stuck in his past glory.

Yer not in Kansas anymore Dorthy.

Backer's spot on again, and mind you college football starts this weekend in the US too. NCAA football is a far bigger deal to far more fans even by percentage down here than is CIS up there too.

Otherwise for sake of the importance of this start at home against the Lions for Leak, who does have solid college experience and success for the big games yet has not measured up at any pro level, cannot be understated IMHO and I am not optimistic:


Why do you care that I care?

Why do people ask questions and spark conversations about what they've observed?

Why do people even observe things?

HFXTC loves to dish it out, but can't take it when a Saint Alouette is called out !

LOL ! But look I got a Bomber fan to kiss Rider fan butt :slight_smile:

he I think doesn’t reallly take the CFL all that serious, yet.

he’s probably one of these guys who sees it rather as a stepping stone to the NFL rather than a career.

so he hangs onto his Gator days until he goes to the NFL or he finally sees the picture.

Can you point out where I said the Riders or he was so great ? Once again nothing to back up your post !

See. It's not just Rider fans that do this. :smiley:

What possible reason can you have to assume this?
He's yet to have made his first start.
Won a championship in his college days.

It's his Glory, his Resume and until he starts to play regularly
his only Claim to Fame.
He's also in a death-struggle with Adrian McPherson as heir apparent to Anthony Calvillo.
McPherson's only had 2 full games playing time, but impressed.
All the same, McPherson was kicked out of college in disgrace, and cut his teeth in Arena Ball.

Who can blame Leak for reminding everyone that he's made his way in classic fashion...and as a college player who led his school to a championship?

As to his "gatoresque" enthusiasm...this is Montreal people. Anal emotional repression has no place...garners no respect from the Latin character. Everybody have a beer, loosen up and leave the kid be "fer chrissakes".

And lest we forget, Trestman made it pretty clear on that same TSN piece that Chris won't be doing the Gator chomp again during games. Like Marc said, everyone's entitled to a mulligan, but Chris has to learn how to conduct himself on this Alouette football team. I am pretty sure that if Chris starts chomping again in a game, he'll feel Trestman's wrath.

he didn't impress me that much..

I think they will struggle to get points and will just win it.

I think you should stay out of the prediction game seeing as your last one (Riders by 20 over Edmonton, I believe) blew up right in your face.

Indeed but obviously he still has not eaten enough crow after being traded of course by his own kind for a week-old burrito and two old used pairs of shoes. It was a legendary moment indeed for the CFL Forum last week. :cowboy:

As for Chris Leak I've said what I've said and we'll see if he stinks it up or shines and then I'll talk some more.

Maybe they are patient with their players in Montreal more than in other towns I don't know, but I don't see why Leak ought get a break or would get a break if he sucks it up bad and they lose at home to the Lions. Isn't that a championship town after all?

I predict the win by the Lions all the same whether Leak sucks or not as does even one other prominent Als backer on here.