What's with CFL fans?

We can discuss and debate rule changes here, but that is as far as it goes. You can put ideas forward, and we can debate the merits of the idea. The ideas, thankfully don't get past this stage, as most of the ideas are just one's opinion. Some ideas are not bad, others are wayyyyyyyyyy out there, such as the idea for an Action Point.... :wink:

re kasps wrote ." Go ask the eskimos,how giving up 2 in the east final worked out." that's it kasper, Esk,s should have been penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct , for that unnecessary conceded safety!, it looked good on them that it backfired!!

I hope you are kidding! An unsportsmanlike conduct penality for playing by the rules? The fact that it can backfire should be all the insentive that a team needs....Not unnessary rule changes like more points or kicking farther back!

Every year the competition committee of the CFL meets and makes rule changes. Some years its subtle like defining the catch or illegal block from the back. Some years the changes are substantial like instant replay, overtime format and punts out of bounds.

So guess what? The people who decide on what is and isn't CFL football DO DISCUSS CHANGE. Right now I'm sure their all preoccupied with their loved ones but rest assured, the powers-that-be do discuss these things and inevitably recommend changes to maintain the competitive integrity and entertainment value of the CFL.

Was attendance and TV ratings up this year? Yes. Is the game better than it was a couple years ago? Yes.

Do I love it as is? Yes!

Is it or will it ever be perfect? No!

The allegedly perfect game we all adore was born out of hundreds of successive and progressive changes over the last century.

Brainstorming is good. The careful adoption of new rules or the refining of old ones is, more often than not, good.

You have to forgive Chief. He's still miffed about this whole forward pass thing. He's never been one for fads....

:lol: Very nice, Artie... But I trust the people on the competition committee a lot more than I trust the people on here... Most of the suggestions that get posted on here are completely ridiculous. This sort of thing should be left to the 'professionals.' Not a bunch of people who don't even fully understand the rouge...