What's with CFL fans?

What's with you guys? It seems like all you guys want to do is change the game, and in the process, completely destroy it. Everyday it's a new topic...

Let's change the safety, let's change where we punt, let's change the No Yards rules, let's change the position of the goal posts, etc, etc, etc.

I have never seen fans of a sports league so desperate to change the league they follow. I understand improving where there needs to be improvement, but come on, these are all ridiculous ideas. Can't we just watch the league and enjoy the games? Why the need to change everything?

I fully expect this to fall on deaf ears. In fact, there'll probably be another 2-3 topics about how we can bastardize... er... improve the game before Christmas...


I bet you're missing the expansion threads now, Chief!!! hahah

i completely agree

Has anyone ever thought of maybe making a CFL video game? That would be cool!

Not in the least... :? I just don't understand this constant need to change the game. Attendace is up. The Riders and Als are selling out games left, right, and centre. TV ratings are up. Clearly people are enjoying the league as it is.

Personally, I find all this garbage about needing to change the CFL a little pathetic... Enjoy the league we have because there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Except them allowing someone like Danny M. to become a head coach... :stuck_out_tongue:

ok as for the als. any team could sell 20,000 tickets everygame. oh wait they do. montreal sells out every game and still loses profit becuase their stadium is sooooooo small.

and i disagree with what most threads are about with changing rules. but its just convo people like to see things changed about anything. me personally i think the best thing the league can do is kill the single point. i hate that a kicker can score a point for missing a field goal. if you fail to do your job you don;t points. its like giving points to an offence who can;t find the endzone on a 3rd down gamble.hey guys your got close so we'll just give you a point to make you feel better. that the only rule in the cfl i truly hate.

but if were talking about changing stuff lets just make the ball smaller and take the stripes off of it. take o iunno 10 yards off the length of the field and endzones. move the poles and with a smaller field we can take one guy off the field for both sides. wow now thats football.

our league is doing just fine the way it is. other then the 1 ruling i mentioned there is nothing wrong with the cfl we all support.

Except their ticket prices are about 2.5 to 3 times everyone else so they are not losing money

...$150.00-$180.00 for one 55 yard line seat in Montreal?

lol! Expansion is one thing CFL fans should never stop talking about but thanks Chief for the ongoing doses of sanity in an insane world. Keep up the good work.
Has anybody thought about expansion in Inuvik?

Its not far from it!
Season tics 10 games $1275. figure the discount and single game tics are around $150
To compair to the rest of the league
2009 season top tic prices
EDM $460
Cal $529
SSK $529
WPG $564
BC $575
HAm $630
Tor $749
Montreal $1275

I don't think theres anything wrong with talking about changing the rules. Personally I wouldn't change anything at this time but forums like this are for discussion and the bantering about of ideas, same as always if I see a thread that doesn't interest me or that I have no use for I simply don't look at it and I certainly don't post on it. Just a thought. :rockin: :thup:

We need a red line like hockey so there is an icing, how about the kicker kicked it through the end zone, icing! Yea baby I'm on a roll. :lol:

Exactly.Thats what forums are for the free exchange of personal ideas and views.You don;t like a thread then here's a radical idea don't read the thread.

Here's an even more radical idea... it'll probably blow your mind!!!

Instead of creating hundreds of topics about expansion, why don't people do a search and read and bump an older topic!!! Chances are what they think they have to say has already been said a hundred times...

Do ya think Chief? :stuck_out_tongue:

And if you read that thread....you may discover that it has already been said a number of times

What are the odds that people would read the threads first, if we had a pinned thread for each of the hot-button topics, say one for officiating, one for expansion, one for rule changes, one for CFL vs. NFL debate, and so on? Would a million threads be avoided if one of our intrepid mods were brave enough to created pinned threads for them?

Wow, what a radical idea. 8) 8)

I'm with you on this one Chief. Expansion threads, rule changes. Good thing the BOG DON'T read some of the crap posted here!

As for suggesting rule changes, , sometimes rules get misused and abused after time and they need to be adjusted to maintain the integrity of the game, Does anyone want to see paul mcalum prancing around the end zone?, esp when his team has the lead?

If it secures a win for the lions,then all lion fans want to see it. It is a strategic play that may backfire,as your giving the ball back to the other team. Go ask the eskimos,how giving up 2 in the east final worked out. Nobody in the league is complaining about it,so it's a non issue,just like most of the rule change threads on this site. And that's a good thing !