What's with all the Injuries this year??

What’s with all the injuries this year in the CFL, not just the Tiger-Cats although we like 22 players out but across the league Regina seems to be the less of the injury bug, probably why they are winning because the majority of their starters are playing and not on the Injury list?

I don’t think I’ve seen as many injuries so early in the CFL year as I have with this year and pretty much every team is having to deal with the problem.

I’m looking forward to Dave Stala’s return and hope we get Andy Fantuz back soon but Wow have we lost a lot of starters this year to injury?

I would suspect, unlike other pro leagues with bigger budgets, their off-season training programs are not as closely monitored by the team.

Seems to be a common thread in teams that are losing. Look at the Blue Jays. Same thing. I believe some of it is attitude. I am hurt I don't want to play today.

Or our training and medical staffs arent very good!.....fantuz out 3 weeks with a hamstring injury????? wouldnt be out that long in the nfl,thats for sure..2-3 good ART treatments(or PLASMA REPLACEMENENT THERAPY) and he would be back in there the next week...having known dr.levy for 30 years ,i can tell you he is never in a rush to get you back out there in your sport....."lets try a couple weeks of therapy in MY CLINIC", was always his response.....look at jasonj pottinger in argo land..was suppose to be out the year and was back 8 games later,thanks to a great dr. they use to have on staff :wink:

If you're referring to Dr. Levy, he is still listed on Ticats.ca as the team doctor.

old fan, i know..that is who im speaking of.

Ooops....sorry bt....