whats ur msn's

Hey,im looking for msn's so I have more people to talk to and
have some two way conversations without others seeing what u
to say! Im not saying this ways bad just some converts are better
private! I know its weird but if u want just post it !

            My personal thing says its <!-- e -->[url=mailto:Patriots25@hotmail.com]Patriots25@hotmail.com[/url]<!-- e --> 
           so add me to your contact list and ill add u!!!

PLEEEEZZZZZ!!! :oops: 8) 8) :lol: :smiley: :smiley:

too personal...and whats wit the poll?

Stupid back to back penalites by Calgary...two penalites..30 yards..

to answer Eskimos32001's question i was curious about who people thought was the most helpful HB!!:D:D
i dont get what go stamps go's reply meant?? sorry about being personal just a good way to make more and good friends :lol: :lol: :lol:

lmao, responded to the wrong post.

k do you have one tho:lol::lol:


roaring lion and 2 others posted theres where it says members online so ive got 3 but they dont got mine oops

Well esks ill add ya to my MSN im on it a lot and have no one to chat football with. So hopefully we can have some chats on there about it and get to know each other.

ok its Patriots25@hotmail.com and you have to tell me yours 8)

Why don't you guys get together and have a tea party while you're at it?? lol. Oh my god................

omg what?

while we are at it, do you guys play madden on the computer. I hate it here, because everyone wants to play as the riders. if i could play against people from other cities, then maybe i won't have to fight people over which team to be.

Patriots25??? Was Eskimos25 taken?

Sorry -Eesks but the only person I have tea parties with is my little sister :wink: So your outta luck gonna hafta find somebody else. Unless you wanna join us of course then your more then welcome :mrgreen:

lol nice and eskimos25 was taken so some reason I went to the patriots instead of a new number beside eskimos :cry: :cry: