whats up

lets go back to last season after 3 or 4 games most fans wanted jason maas cut or traded now this season JoJo Walker starts the season as the kick and punt returner. after 4 games hes replaced by corey holmes, then by armstead then by curry who won the special team player award then comes back vs winnipeg he fumbles a punt near the end of the 1st half which leads to a fg then later fumbles a wide fg for a td and your defending him by saying he should stay. now with Marcel everybody has been complaining about Flick, Peterson, and a number of players not here anymore mostly in sask. who released or traded them trades maas for a fullback which we didnt need if your willing to stick with marcel dont complain about his moves.

also last sunday on the ticat show Bob Young was on the ticat show on chml and when a caller asked why Eric Tillman wasnt considered for the job Mr Youngs response was he was the gm of the Ottawa renegades and we all know what happened there if that is the case why was Dick Rambo hired who didnt a much better job in ottawa either