(1)Our Offence is getting better.
(2)Our Linebackers are good.
(3)Our front defense line is so bad we should fire them all and hire a highschool team to replace them!
(4)There is no pride on this team at all,the way they slouch around!
(5)We cant go fire every coach because nobody wants to play in hamilton!
(6) Printers should be taken out when he is shakey and put some one else in to protect what momentum we had.

How ever you put it Bob young get a real staff!


I agree with Mercury

Offence has been predictable and one dimensional

Linebackers have been turnstiles that RBs just walk thru.

Sure build the playbook around Jesse, but you gotta aded a bit of variety or else teams are going to key on him even more than they do now.

Time to give Casey a reality check...start Williams.

"That's the plan. That's what we do best. And it starts up front. Those guys are good backs. I mean Terry ran great last year in Jesse's absence and Tre is showing already this year that he can create big plays. For us just to abandon what we do would be crazy," head coach Charlie Taaffe said on Wednesday

Then why is Printers still throwing the homerun long bombs? I don't think they DID use the backfield and ground game as effectively as they should have.
I was told last year by some credible players that CP wasn't the answer. And now I'm believing it.

Sorry folks, I'm officially giving up on Printers. There's only one #1 in my Ticat History book and his name is Earl Winfield.

It is time to fire the coach!!!

Lets have a qick review...Charlie took over a grey cup championship team in Montreal, complete with great qb and receivers and top notch coaching staff. 2 coach of the year awards, come on, the success really had little to do with Charlie. Even Kerry Joseph would have been coach of the year if he had been hired under same circumstances.

Charlie was hired by Bob Young basically on the strength of those awards.

What was the first thing he did??? He went out and hired a complete coaching staff with zero CFL experience between them? That was only the first red flag.

To many blunders to remember them all. Lets just go back to last weeks loss, Hamilton had the ball with 3-4 minutes left leading by 1 point. I knew it was not going to end with the score Hamilton up by one,I knew Sask was going to score.They decided that they where not going to throw the ball, play conservative, there was to much time on the clock for that. They deserved to lose because of that ridiculous play calling, they needed to try and get at least a fg. They quickly went 2- out, it was over then basically.

Charlie is now 4-18 he does not have the personality for the job, he is a loser as a HC. A nice guy at home under better circumstances I am sure.

You got to fire Charlie today!!!

OB on the sidelines as the GM/HC I guess is the way they will go eventually, why wait any longer?

The reports in the media that they are better now, perhaps they are? But they said that last year and the year before. I think Charlie is holding them back and only taking up space.

The front line for good teams cause the line backers to adjust and stop the other team from running by the linebackers! I seen it happen alot last night that our line backers were sore confused because they were not given any help by the "front line" that they couldnt adjust! Calgary was laughing at thier coach and saying "Man they are ever bad!" and you know what they were right!I have it on dvd if you want to see what I am taking about!

Did anyone happen to notice that we lost TWO Canadians to injury this week and had to juggle our players around like mad to make the ratio work??

Is the CFL pro football? Because the way they played last night my old High school could of beat them!

And hire who? Hmmmmmmmm :wink:

Also, we cant afford Casey Printers at 500,000 bucks a year, he is not worth it! The highest paid player in the CFL I believe.

He has no where else to go right now, I am pretty sure. Renegotitae his contract or NICELY suggest that he will have to be released. Perhaps that would allow Ticats to go after an elite CFL receiver.

You know we talked about Charlie being hired on the strength of his 2 cfl coach of the year awards, Printers was hired based on one MOP year with the best team in the CFL. They made him look awfully good as they also make all their qbs look good in BC. Hamilton is not BC!

I would suggest trying to bring his sallary down by 50% and replace it with bonus potential that would/could see him making another 100,200 grand if they advance in the playoffs etc and make it to the Grey Cup, incentives contract.

If it was aproached right it might be able to be done,if he really thinks he is worth that let him agree to a incentive filled contract, he is not worth 500 grand,if not cut him, you could probably get Bishop for 200 grand a year.

I thought he had a bad training camp and the other two looked better! Hes better then Maas any day, but is he worth a million? NO WAY IN HELL!

Contrast the Calgary offence with ours. We have some good talent. But......we just don't seem to be anywhere near the level of Calgary. Or Saskatchewan. Or Montreal. Or BC. And Winnipeg has beaten us with less talent than these teams. Its not only about Jesse not being on the field last night.We had better beat Edmonton or the way things are going now, it looks like we will be fighting the blue team for last place in the East.
I don't know if this team can (financially and in credibility) afford to write the season off early this season.....again.
I have been calling for a Head Coach change for a year. I deferred to Obie's decision in the off-season but as each week passes, that possibility becomes too difficult to ignore.
My prediction? Two more losses in a row will cause Obie to make some kind of move. But I hope its not necessary.

The biggest difference is those offences comaprd to ours is that they have been together for a while.

Wow. What a schizophrenic thread! "Fire Taffe". "Fire Creehan". "Cut Casey". "Cut Moreno". STOP THE MADNESS!

None of these moves will improve the team. I say what we have is what we have. Let them play a season together. If it's brutal all year, so be it. If not, you might be surprised. Now is not the time to restructure the team. Get it through your heads. If it's a personnel problem, that is the GM's fault. It's an offseason issue. Not something you address after 4 games. People are still saying blow up the organization - AGAIN! Just stop it, for crying out loud!

And for the last time - starting Williams, Porter or Chang will not make a difference! Casey is taking the heat because he's in the fire. It's easy to not look bad when you're on the sidelines. No one really has to know that you're not the answer. How much worse would it be if one of our back up qb's had been playing? Chang starting in Toronto last year - capice?

It may not make a difference but it wouldn't be a half million dollar waist of money either


You are right. Unfortunately the 2008 win/loss column does not reflect this.
But we looked pretty good beating the blue team!

No clue about where this thread is going, frankly. LMAO

It is WAY too early to blow up this team AGAIN, okay? Fortunately Obie won't be listening to that madness.

Printers a waste of money? Ask the 2/3 of the teams in the league that were in the race for his services last year whether he has upside. He did not have a good game in Calgary but if one was observant, that was unit-wide, not just on him (particularly in the first half). Blown assignments, lack of ball security, protection breakdowns...to suggest that Williams, Porter, or Chang would magically aid Smith in holding onto the ball better is a joke, to be blunt.

Oski Wee Wee,


The only problem with your "stop the madness" post is that the only real constant throughout this team's season and a half under Charlie has been poor play and weak coaching. Except the blue team game.
Sometime soon that has to be addressed. Charlie has some good players to work with but how many times have we seen bad play calling and poor discipline? Too many times.
The responsibility for all that rests squarely on the Head Coach.
We have looked good in only one game over a period of a season and a half. And you want more of this? That would be disastrous.
You said "Let them play a season together".
Good grief.... no! If we lose another 2 in a row Obie will have no choice but to make a change.

The bottom line is that we will be lucky to win 3 more games.After we lose to edmonton we will be ousted out of the playoffs in four games, because of the carryover from the west! sigh! Good luck dreaming boys!

Were we not suppose to be blown out by the Argo's in week 2? don't give up, we can improve.