What's up with the O-Line?

Why spend so much money on a great QB then not protect him? I respect what Dickenson and Buono and the team have done, but geeze, get the guy some protection and the perfect season may have been a reality.

Whats wrong with the O-line?.....Lots
(1) Too Many Sacks
(2) Too many hits to the QB

Good thing they have a great QB. If they had a weak QB with that line, the season would be a disaster. Then again, rookie Buck Pierce doesn’t look too bad so far.

Buck will replace Printers next year as the backup. If Printers doesn't go to the NFL, he'll be traded.....Hopefully for a Lineman or two!

He is a free agent next year, isn't he? He could be lost without any compensation. I can't imagine him going to the NFL since he hasn't really played this year.

2006 is an option year, unless I heard it on the radio wrong, Wally intends to exercise the option if Printers doesn't go South. That would mean he sits for a year or gets traded.

Printers' days in the CFL might be numbered. His stock dropped a lot by his recent actions. I don't think you'd get much more for him other than "future considerations."

Blackdale was ready to trade us Westwood...LOL

Yes, the cell phone thing has hurt, His uncles bad advice has hurt,

How the lions have won 11 games this year with that O- line is unbelievable. That and the kickiing game need to be addressed before the playoffs begin. What about Printers and his selfish attitude, What kind of team player is on a cell phone on the sidelines during a crucial time in the game. Give me break! Let's go Buck.

First you have to ask why he was on a cell phone...family emergency...something else equally important? Unless we know that he was talking to his girlfriend about not much, you can't complain about him talking on the phone.