What's up with the fighting.

I think I may be scared about the Eskie chances if this keeps up the way it has been. I don't think there will be team chemisty if they're all hatin' on each other. I know fights break out in training camps but this is getting to the point I think it may affect the team.

I'm not too worried... Like Fred Perry said...

"You just can't throw us around. We're going to come and handle what we've got to handle and take care of business," he said.

"It's just the way we're coming together. But when we're done fighting we're still together as one. One team, one heartbeat."

And just look at the garbage with the Lakers last year. Everyone sort of expected them to stumble this season because of all the animosity. But instead they're in the NBA Finals.

I hope you are right boy do I ever. I don't think I could handle another year out of the playoffs. It's not just the Eskies either being that all of Edmonton's teams missed the playoffs. All I want is aleast one team from here to make the playoffs this year, this isn't exactly a fun time to be a sports fan here.

You maybe right there too because I think that fight I had with the Safeway seal in a Food For Less made be a bigger Eskimo fan, maybe it'll work that same way for the team. It probably wasn't as embarassing to have a bunch a people stare at you whilst you roll around the floor of a supermarket wrestling a giant stuffed toy for a baseball cap, to which the Eskies(including Gizmo)were there to witness. I could see how that could have it's benefits.

Yeah, good times.

The Oilers may not have made the playoffs, but they came damn close. That team made huge strides last season, and I wouldn't be surprised to see them in the playoffs next season.

I think I could handle that and if both teams make it in then it's a bonus in every sense of the word.

thats it edmonton keep fighting each other

Funny thing is, sometimes "incidents" like this will actually bring a team closer together.