What's Up With The Blowout Games?

I hope this trend of blowout games ends rather soon. Not one competitive game in Week 2 and Week 3 is shaping up the same way.

The Argos/Stamps game was perhaps one of the worst/sloppiest games I have witnessed since I last watched my highschool team play some 7 years ago. 9 Interceptions? 4 Lost fumbles? WOW!

Why are these games such blowouts/sloppy?
- Greater NFL scouting of the CFL/Taking our best players?
- Bad QB's?
- Too many new OC's?

Hopefully we have some competitive games ahead!

im going to go with the fact that i think i heard that all 8 teams have new OC's this year so that could be a reason too.

Also IMO defenses always seem to come together quicker as defense is more or less just knowing what guy youre blocking/covering or what your Zone is. that explains the huge jump in turnovers.

Maybe it's the cap.

Well, just reading a qb by the name of Jim Hardy threw 8 interceptions alone in an NFL game in 1950 for the Chicago Cardinals. And I've seen games in the NFL with more than 4 fumbles. So anything can happen any league and as said, defences are ahead right now of some offences.

Because team pride has vanished from the CFL.

I think it may be because of the fact that with such a short preseason in the CFL, offenses traditionally take a longer time to get their timing down. Combine that with the fact that almost all the teams in the league have new offensive coordinators and/or are installing new offensive systems, and you have a recipe for big blowouts.

A veteran defense like Toronto's, which is the most opportunistic in the CFL, definitely has the advantage early in the season even without teams having to learn new plays and new terminology.

And then when you add in the short weeks and travel for a team like Calgary, it is bound to happen. You just hope that no one important gets hurt by the end of the game.

I am sure the level of play will even out during the course of the season. But, yeah, the games are a little disheartening if you are on the losing end of them.

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ps. Rest assured Saskatchewan comes out like gangbusters and then slowly fades come playoff time. Like they always do ... :wink:

I was thinking the same thing last night. I think there have only been a couple of close games so far.

I agree with what has been posted regarding the new OCs, and the short preseason being an issue, but most teams are in the same boat.

There is definately some really good teams and some realy bad teams in the CFL right now. You wouldn’t know that there was a cap.

Some recent things that may have had an impact was the dispersal of Ottawa, and the change to the roster size. It just seems like some teams did better in the draft than others and all teams got better, and there are a number of teams who have done a better job of recruiting and filling in for injuries, which is easier to do when you can keep more bodies protected. Those teams who have been rebuilding (ie. Hamilton, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton), are all not playing very well and are running into to some real power house teams. The fact is the good teams tend to really be stacked with good players, because the on field product is not as watered down as it has been in the past.

I suspect that there will be some closer games when the good teams meet the good teams. The matchups so far have mostly had a week team against a strong team.


I agreed with you till the ps.

I wish we could blow a team out of the water, even just once.

What's Up?

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If the Blue team took a boat across Lake Ontario for the next game we could!!...lol

You pose a good question. I'm a Tiger-Cats fan here in So. Calif., and follow the team via the internet. And seeing those blow out scores in the loss column makes me feel even farther away. I didn't expect Hamilton to go undefeated :wink: , but I was hoping for a competitive first half...at least. C'mon Cats!