Ive searched through all the other teams forums and nobody is writing anything about there teams are we the only fans that care about are team COME ON CANADA SHOW SOME PRIDE :thup: :thup: :thup:

alot of the other teams have their own forum which is on a separate site, we however, just have this one.

Hamilton also has Ticatfans.com but the action on that site is also quiet.

yeah but on this site u can see other teams chat and noone talks is what im saying

Lets face it, you Ti-Cat fans are the most passionate fans in the CFL....I always come on here first because I know someone is talking football!!

or maybe..out west they are still sleeping.. :wink:

It's not football season it's winter and a lot of people don't care! Not enough football news, the free agency is interesting but that's about it.

A lot of people like me will not Post until late May or June when training camps open.

Whoa, before throwing out judgement on other CFL cities do a bit more extensive research....Bomber fans have two other forums that are always very active with the latest news. Don't know why, but less fans come on here than the locally created forums.

This seems to be true. You read on other forums where fans say they won't or don't post on CFL.ca for various reasons. Don't like the mods or what they're allowed to say....blah blah blah. In some cases they are justified. :wink:

But I'm with Gilthethrill Ticat.ca is by far the best on here...even if half the posters don't know what their talking about. :stuck_out_tongue:

DoubleBlue, I could not have said it better myself :slight_smile:

You can't see the chatter that is going on esksfans.com or gostampsgo.com or lionbacker.com or riderville.com through this message board. The action is out there you just need to know where to look.

are other teams forums just completley dead, and boring, i mean the cfl forum is ok on the topic of cfl in general but i figure eski fans would be going crazy talking about football the past 2 days on the message board, theres nothing.. not like more like 7 reactions to the jesse lumsden signing.. lol idk i just find it weird how no one tals football online but us? like we have a zillion topics and other teams have like 3 thousand in total, we have like 3 thousand a day.., lol

As has been stated a million times before - the only team to use the "CFL" forums as their home forums are the Tiger-Cats. Most (if not all) other teams have their own set of forums on their own site - and they are busy. You just have to find them.

8) Just go to each CFL teams home page indvividually, and you can work your way onto their forums !!
   As Miller91 stated, they are all quite busy !!!

Yes, most teams have their own sites with their own forums and they are busy with lots of chatter!!

I used to go on the Riderville site, I think, and it always seemed fairly lively. Lotsa visiting fans too.

If you guys are looking to stir the pot, hold your nose and join me in the Buffalo Bills forums -- primarily in the Bills Toronto section. I do my part to uhhhh, dispell myths and misinformation about the CFL. It's funny when the odd enlightened Yank tries to tell Toronto NFL fans what they're missing out on with the CFL.

Anyway...a fun place to spread our CFL wisdom!

The other teams just dont have as much to complain about as we do :smiley: