What's up with Ochonono?

I actually forgot about this guy..bGoogled him and he is still on the Als roster? WTF.. When do the Als plan on playing him? Why hasn't he been cut? When was the last time he even played in a game? The CFL makes me sick sometimes.. They kick Geroy to the curb after a brilliant CFL career but let some wife beating scum take up spot on a roster because he used to play in the NFL?

Guess he isn’t practicing with the team. The fact the Als are paying him a salary to do this is ridiculous. http://mweb.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-fo … im-in-fifa

He is on the suspended list not the roster


I heard about this story on the radio just a couple of hours ago.
Apparently, Johnson took an Uber cab both ways for a 1.5 hour trip.
Supposedly cost $500.

Yah, I don't get it either. :roll:

Why is he even on the roster? Is it just so that he can save face? Why didn’t he just not retire last season? Was he even in camp this past spring?

The Als have 78 guys on their roster.. If they claim they lost money again, I'm going to puke

C'mon Al's and CFL teams - boot him out.

I used to think our American media were too critical of Johnson formerly Ochocinco, but then he played to them and changed his name and then attempted to play soccer in the MLS and participate in a rodeo all before his problems with domestic violence to include his conviction and jail time in Florida.

Beyond all the years of fine performance on the field through about 2010 in Cincinnati, he's a diva and might as well be Terrell Owens 2.0.

It's time to move on - c'mon Al's.

Ill try again
He is on the suspended list...not the roster. He is not being paid

And if they release him, they would lose his rights, meaning any other interested team, assuming there are any, would be able to sign him.

No cost to the team, and no risk - unless he actually shows up saying he wants to play.

Well you can't fault Bungle for jumping to conclusions, he is, after all, our resident conclusion jumper...


Other than an AFL team.. Who would sign him.. Why even have this filth connected to your organization in any way if he isn't contributing.. Again.. I must ask.. Did he even go to training camp?

Was invited to mini-camp in Florida. Johnson was a no show and ignored attempts by Jim Popp to contact him then. Never showed up for the regular training camp either. If I recall correctly when the first mandatory roster cuts were made after the first preseason game, Johnson was transferred to the suspended list. He has been there ever since. All this means is the Als still have his football rights as he never declared that he was retiring or anything else.


Why wouldn't they just release him? Makes no sense.

who cares

Yeah. Challenging somebody on Twitter to a video game and then going to his house is hardly something anybody should care about.

They might be using him as trade bate.

As long as the Als are not paying him they do not care what he does. If they just cut him, any other team could just pick him up.

Some team desperate for an import receiver might be the thought.

That is my speculation anyway. However, like you say Bungle, who would want him.

I think he is a locker room cancer. Also he contributed nothing last season.

If he is not washed up by now he will most likely end up in one of the 3 2016 proposed spring leagues ( NAFL, MLF or NewUSFL)

Whatever, who cares and good rids

Well, come on, guys, I mean he was such a superstar here in the CFL. :roll: If the Als released him and he ended up somewhere else, it would be the biggest managerial error since the Red Sox traded Ruth to the Yankees. :lol:

I guess that's how far he had to go to find someone willing to play with him.

OK, but why is he still on the roster?

(I'm kidding of course)

FFS he's on the suspended list. Not on the team, not being paid, it's as simple as that. Close the thread and move on.