What's up with Jason Goss?

Isn’t on the roster, if I recall he was on the Suspended List.

Is he coming back after tending to personal matters @ home?

We truly need this guy - he’s a stud in the defensive backfield :thup:

Interesting he isnt on the roster... wonder why that is... When Woodard was suspended he was on the roster...

The saga continues.

8) Someone reported on a posting here either yesterday or the day before that Goss was not going to come back !!!! I haven't heard anything official regarding that fact yet !!! Does anyone know for sure ?????

Gossfan, who seems to be related to Goss in some fashion reported that he would not be back for this weekend's game. As far as long term, who knows.

That much is correct! :thup:

I hope he comes back, but it doesn't really matter, our season is done and he will be in the NFL next year and he will make a team.