What's up with Eddie?

Milo handled punting and kickoffs. How bad is Eddie hurt? Milo did pretty good on punts averaging about 40 yards. Hope it's nothing too serious. When is Luca scheduled to return?

A rumour is being circulated over at riderfans.com that he beaked off about being made to play with a pulled groin muscle in BC, and that probably cost him his job. The poor baby had a boo-boo and he wanted mommy to kiss it better before he would go outside and play with the rest of the kids.

Who knows if it is even true? That website is so full of vile, vinegar, and hatred for Hoppy, Taman, Marshall et al. now, it is like eavesdropping in on a Nazis re-union during yon-Kippur.

Luca's healing up nicely and Milo is light-years better than he was in the preseason so an import kicker whose stats are in the middle of the pack probably had a short shelf life at best. For an import PK to keep his job in this league, he better be in the top two or three at everything he does, including making plays on teams if need be and be so consistently. Eddie was doing none of the above in my opinion.

He is a kicker, of course he is going to complain if his leg is that sore. It would be like a RB playing with a twisted ankle, or a QB a thrown out shoulder...

I thought that with most pro athletes, the coach had to order them off the field when they are injured; they wanted to play so badly.

There is a difference between playing through an injury and playing through pain. I guess the coaches thought it was playing through pain rather than playing through an injury. He may have come across as being a wimpy kicker to a coach who was an all-star defensive lineman in his day who probably spent most of his playing career in some kind of pain.

I remember when Gene Makowsky was coming off an injury and a reporter asked him if he was now 100%. Geno looked at the reporter and told him that he hasn’st been 100% since he was 18 years old.

It begs the question - why wasn't Milo playing against BC? The missed FGs and poor punting definitely were a big part of that loss.

I read prior to the BC game that all were aware that his thigh was in pain. He made them aware of it. He went light in practice and saved his leg for the game, and said he thought he was good (as was said above...like most athletes). Perhaps because of the light practices he thought it was better than it was? Days after the BC Marshall did seem pissed about the situation though, so who knows.

I don't think he is gone (hope not), rather just resting his leg more.

You have to ask yourself, do you want a kicker to suck it up and kick badly when he's hurt or do you want him to sit out and let someone who is healthy do a better job?

Maver tried to suck it up in Calgary in Week 1 and it cost them 3 FGs and Huf was pissed.

Sask probably lost that game on special teams. 2 missed FGs cost 5 pts and poor punting cost 4 or 5 no yards calls that you could not blame on the coverage. Riders got killed on field position because of the punting. If EJ said he shouldn't go, it looks like he would have been right.


and yeah, the no yards may have been one of the largest factors in that game.

He was doing tons of all that. He only had like 3 misses all year before the BC game and he’s not a natural place kicker. His punting was solid, even spectacular against Calgary. And he almost made the special teams play of the year when he damn near recovered his own huge punt in the endzone, catching the Stamps napping. He’s cool under fire, handling the occasional bad snap with ease and he put a kickoff through the uprights with no wind.

I agree with you pdog I thought Eddie was doing a bang up job until the BC game. It would be nice to get Luca back so he can concentrate on punting.

This is good stuff you guys have said. It could very well have been the exact opposite to what I was lead to believe, namely that the coach(es) asked Eddie if we was good to go and he said "yes" when he should have said "no." That could have been the basis for the scolding and not someone questioning his toughness which some are impling on the other website. Or I could have totally misread what some are saying, which would NOT be the first time that has happened. :slight_smile:

I think I misread it too. I thought a post said that Eddie didn't want to play but Marshall told him to gut it out. I reread things and it looks more like EJ insisted that he was good to go when he wasn't. Sure, I understand nobody wants to say "I can't go," but sometimes you gotta be smart about it.

Having said that, he was still having a great year until the BC game, but his punting was probably the difference in that game.