What's up with Chevy?

I’m worried somethings up…I’m sure there were two threads on Walker, and they’re both gone…

The main one is still there, just no one has posted to it for a while.


There are also a bunch of others dealing with Cobourne replacing him, again no posts in over a week. Just search for his name and Cobourne's and you should find them.


I thought Chevy was running in Overdrive yesterday. He had a couple of slips on the turf, he probably could have run for over 150 yards! He was replaced at one time, so I think he might have wanted to rest his injury.

Strange moves, strange team. :?

8) Rick Zamperin reported on the 5th quarter that Walker had sustained another lower body injury during the game
   and that was why he was replaced by Brandon Rutley, for the remainder of the game.