What's Up w/ Dwight Anderson ??

When D. Anderson was "granted his leave of absence" last year, the Cats' brass made it sound like they expected him to return to training camp next season to fight for a job, but I have noticed that he is no longer listed on the roster.

Have we seen the last of Dwight Anderson?? Although our defensive secondary struggled last year I thought that Anderson was the lone player who showed a spark, although that spark seemed to turn into a ticking time bomb on occasion. He was certainly superior to Lawrence Gordon.

I suspect Gordon will not make the cut next year - will Anderson even get a shot at a spot ??

If Anderson is INVITED back then the OBVIOUS QUESTION becomes "Why did we FIRE Marcel ?" ...

I, SINCERELY, hope we have seen the last of Anderson in Black and Gold.


Who cares? Or, perhaps more accurately...why care?

no way, if there are 2 guys to keep its Bradley and Gordon, Cody, Gauthier, Harden and Glasper need to all be gone

to the second and fourth posters....


ya, Anderson and Cody need to be gone... nobody likes a playmaker....

Mt. Cody hasn't rumbled in weeks... think maybe its smoothed over yet?

Glasper and Gauthier... yup, they should be gone too... nobody likes solid defenders or great special teamers. they're completely useless in the CFL, eh?