What's up Bomber Fans?

Well it appears a low block on Milt has sidelined him for anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 weeks. The problem is no one has complained like when Nik Lewis did the same block. Sanchez has a worse reputation then that of Lewis so what gives? Or is it because the only time people make a big deal out of it is when the injury is serious.

Do you have a video of that play 05?

probobly because Sanchez didn't take a 15 yard dash while eyeballing and hawking Stegalls knee's the entire way ... coupled with the fact Sanchez didn't get up parading and dancing about ruining another players knees intentionally .. is my guess why you havent heard much whining.


Sanchez wasn't blocking Stegall. He was tackling him in the open field. Taking Stegall's legs out was the safest way to get him down on the play.

Coach Berry said it was a clean hit. 'Nuff said.

bloddy hell! c'mon Stegail, put some ice on it and good back out their a play! no pain, no game! [sacrasm]

...I.m sure Milt would play if he could...the rib injury...and now the leg injury are starting to tell on the ol' body methinks...a younger player would have trouble coming back off of those...I think Milt might make it back for the playoffs...if not Armstrong becomes the go to guy...not too shabby as a fill-in...Berry said that a player would prefer to take a hit higher on the legs...than the one delivered by Sanchez....but it was definitely a legal tackle...I believe Mr. Sanchez took out Milt with a late hit last year(knocked him cold)...he seems to be Stegalls nemesis...but the Turtle man will be back... :thup:

I was using some sarcasim but got caught thanks guys I never did see the hit! To bad the Milt is down and probably for the season could leave the back door for the evil empire. But as you know I list Sanchez with Gaas!

Thats not a stretch Red. Edmonton could sneak in.

I see Winnipeg 1-2 in the next 3 games. A win against Hamilton, and losses against BC and Calgary.

If Edmonton wins their last 4, they would finish higher than Winnipeg and cross over.

The Evil empire could get hot. A battle of Alberta Grey Cup is a possibillity!

...i don't know sport, about your take....IF the Lions and Stamps have finally settled first place....I don't see either team playing their regs. against us in a nothing game ...just before play-offs....But if you think you can beat us with your second stringers i guess we might be in trouble....I think we will rap it up then ....either a play-off spot or the season...lol lol Esks. have a stretch to take all of their games...and i think their early season ways will return.... :lol:...combination of one Bomber win and one Esks. loss.....Bombers are in.... :thup:

well BC will play there regs until first place is secured, same with the stamps they will play their regs to try take the 1st place. once first place is secured both teams will play their 2nd stringers and might just open the door for the blue and gold that will play hard till season end to keep ahead of the esks

LOL okay Sporty time for your nap (jj), it is more likely that the EE will be eliminated from the post season even before the Bombers play their next game in Hamilton. The EE will face the Argos back to back starting off in TO this weekend, that spells 2 losses and all she wrote for the green and gold this year.

Ah would Calgary lay down and allow Winnipeg to win! ha ha ha I doubt it no matter how much they hate the Eskies!

I hear Jake Ireland will do both games!

it's not a matter of laying down my son....its a matter of smart football...If Wally has first sewn up...i don't think he'd risk injury to an already beat-up quarterbacking crew....OR ANY OTHER FIRST STRINGER ...before a playoff...Why would he?????OR if the Stamps take first why would they risk the same ...BUT if you think the Stamps would go all out in a mean nothing game for their club at this time of the year ....then i would have to say...DUMB FOOTBALL....but i;m gonna go with piggy on this whole scenario...and agree the Esks will be done shortly.....done like burnt toast...i think someone said... :wink:


Okay, nap time over.

I don't think there would be enough beer in Manitoba to quench the thirst of all those Albertans if a Edmonton Calgary Grey Cup should happen.

Even though that scenerio is a long shot,I think RW2005 is correct, The Eskies are done.

A crossover possibility is a very long shot for the esks. But remember they now hold the tie-breaker over sask, and could still finish 9-9 if they win out, and could even make the playoffs at 7-13 if the riders fail to win any more games!