whats this

seen this at The Judge :roll:

The first one I am not to surprised to see...do you recall the whole "who used it first; Princeton or Hamilton" debate? If not, click here http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNp ... ic&t=12789

As for the second one...that's CRAZY!!!! I wonder if anything will come out of this? Here is the Aurora Tigers website http://www.auroratigers.com/ they are an OHA Jr. A Hockey Team.

Slightly off topic...and just stating a fact, not wanting to hijack the thread and start a debate (as it has been debated way too many times)...I really like the newest version of the Cats' logos...not too sure if I like it with the "paws and claws" like Aurora is using here or not...makes it look very ferocious, but we don't seem to have a team to match that yet...


I was watching an episode of "American Justice" on A&E a couple of weeks ago, and they were talking about something that happened at a high school down in the States. They showed the sign outside the school, which featured the school's team name -- Tigers -- and an exact copy of the old Tiger-cat logo.

the paws make it look like the florida panthers logo.