What's This Site Coming To???!!!! (Enter thread at own risk)

It's been four whole days since the last post on an expansion thread. What gives? I can't take the withdrawal.

Somebody post on expansion, please! Help the 'expansioholics'. :slight_smile:

Probably everyone has started one expansion thread already and are reluctant to start a second one for fear of maybe beating a dead horse.

Come to think of it, I don' think I've ever started one!

All right then, I got two words for ya:



Did'ja know that since 1917 there have been attempts (on both sides) to have Canada annex the Turks & Caicos Islands?


Great idea CRF! We can talk CFL expansion AND Canadian expansion IN THE SAME THREAD!

Now.... does anyone know if they have a stadium down there that can be expanded......

It can also serve as the CFL's version of the regular Pro Bowl site, capturing another topic that comes up a fair bit; All-Star Game!!

That's the spirit!

Here you go big mouths.
Flint Michigan.
The team would play out of Atwood stadium after it was expanded to 25 000.
The feild is big enough to house a full size regulation feild.
Flint Michigan is a football loving community and Northern US city that would eat up and embrace the CFL as their own.
Right now Flint Michigan has a semi-pro football team named the Flint Fury that play out of the Mid Continental Football League.
Canadian super team the LONDON SILVERBACKS will be playing at Atwood stadium on July 28.

For more information about Atwood Stadium and Flint Michigan visit:


lol, flint Michigan.

Expansion threads tone down during the season no? atleast until labour day.

Expand to 2 cities for 2009 or 2010.



Expansion draft:
Each of the two new CFL teams drafts:
-1 NI + 1 Import from each CFL roster on the day of FA, there will be a 24 Hour roster freeze at this time for all CFL vets set to become FA's. = 16 CFL vets 8 NI's + 8 I's per exansion team. 4 Starters lost per CFL team, 16 gained for each expansion team(equals out to 20 for old teams, 16 for new teams still a difference but much better then before)

-CFL teams can protect 5 NI's + 3 Imports, teams Can lose no more then 1 QB

-Teams are also allowed to pick up to 2 Neg list players from each CFL roster the day after the grey cup and are allowed to form their Neg list.

-Expansion teams get an edge in FA, say the FA period is again in Mid-Febuary, then the expansion teams would get around 6 weeks to negotiate with prospective FA(so January 1st of the year they are set to start), CFL teams can combat this by signing their players in December, or else competing with the two new teams.

-These two new teams will have 2 picks per round of the CFL College draft in each of their first 2 years.

Quebec City + Ottawa, London, Moncton or Halifax.

no need to talk about it Quebec City is on it's way it.. atleast is seems that way.
just a question of who their expansion partner is.

If the CFL could expand by 2 teams in 2009 or 2010 the expansion would work beautifully.

a 10 team, 5 team east + 5 team west CFL.

Each team could have 12 division games(3 games vs. each division opponent) AND 6 non-Division games(1 game vs. each team + an extra vs the non-division rival)

a 18 game, 18 week reg season(if there is a bye it's between the pre-season and reg season kickoff)
But preferably a no bye schedule with a 3 or 4 game pre-season.(tough to get by the CFLPA, Garantees of limited Veteran participation are the best bet possible with a deal about a CFLPA all-star game for the players)



CFL, you want someone to do it, you can commission me and I'll do it.

It doesn't seem too complicated, this isn't the NHL or NBA with 82 game schedules and 30 teams.

it's a simple process of 18 teams which all but 1 have first dibs on their stadium usage dates(exception is Skydome/Rogerscenter/Argos)
and the only issue most teams have, is saturday games due to CIS play, no big deal.

Most games are on Fridays anyways.

Even with 5 teams, until Labour Day:
1 Thursday game, 2 Friday games, 1 Saturday and 1 sunday game. Perfect spread.

After Labour day:
1-2 Friday games, 1-2 Saturday games and 2 sunday games.

There are so many wierd things with the schedule...

Oh off topic, but schedule adjustments and expansion go hand in hand.

Yes Expand to QBC and preferably Moncton, If not Moncton then Halifax.

I don't really care about Ottawa until they step up and show they can support a CFL team, not just the fans but the local gov should be doing something.. perhaps approaching Mark Cohon and asking him what the city can do to get a team there.

Winnipeg is doing it right now for a NHL team and you can bet that should something happen to the WBB that Winnipeggers would be demanding that someone goes and talks to the CFL Board about what could be done to get a team back.

there would be a large cry, instead of the soft wimper.

There ya go a nice lil rant.

Ok now I am really going to twist this thread.
Heck with expanding to the Canadian cities.
Lets add 8 US teams and make it a 16 team league.
I have said it before and I will say it again.
There is no money in Canada and no more Canadian cities left to expand too.
All of the football money is in the USA.
The US cities already have the stadiums build and ready to go.
They have the die hard fans.
And the Northern US cites love CFL football.
Here are the 8 US cities that I would pick over Ottawa, Quebec, Halifax, Moncton, and London anyday simply because of their resources and their loyalty to football.

Portland -The CFL has already had a almost sold out exhibition game there and they have the fans, the money and the stadiums ready to go.
PGE Park - seats 20 000 with room for another 10 000
Reser Stadium - 44 000 seats for labourday and playoff games.

Boise - Bronco Stadium 30 000 seats and die hard football fans.

Milwaukee - Has several outdoor stadiums that can be expanded plus a new MLS stadium.
Milwaukee has the greatest football fans in the world. CFL would fly high there.

Detroit- Huge Market. Huge CFL fan base. Windsor close by. Stadiums everywhere.
Win/Win situation.

Rochester - PAETEC Park Seats 17 500 and is expanding once again. Wants CFL as a tenant and would be a great rival team for any Eastern CFL team.

Boston - Harvard Stadium 30 898
What better place to put a CFL team.

Maryland - Lets put a team back in Maryland so that the Baltimore fans can relive their CFL glory days. Only this time the team would play out of Annapolis at Navy-Marine Corps Stadium which seats 30 000. Maryland has held the record for most fans in the 1994 CFL season.

Hershey Pennsylvania - Hersheypark Stadium
They have the fans, the money and the stadium ready to go.

If we are going to expand, then lets expand the right way.
Thats the bottom line.

If they're in Flint, they could be owned my Michael Moore.

Sorry Barons, but no US teams.

1.They won't respect the import rule(or can't w/e)
2.Don't need the league taken over by the US(Each gov gets an equal vote no thanks)
3.Their stadiums aren't built for Canadian football(sorry)

10 or 12 is the perfect amount of teams. Anything beyond that and you don't see some teams for years.

in the NFL you can go what.. 5 years without seeing say Green Bay vs. San Fran.

How is there more money is the states there Barons? seems the us economy isn't doing that good.

I look at the NHL and it seems there is alot more money coming from canada then the states, yet for some stupid reason the NHL still pushes for the US.

The CFL keeps pushing failed Ottawa, when Quebec City and the Maritimes will become CFL hotbeds.

Quebec City is already in love with football(laval)
There are already more CFL fans in the Maritimes then Ottawa.

Seems sensible to go with two cities that already have a very large Canadian football foundation no?

The first Goal is to get a strong 10 CANADIAN team league.

When the CFL then goes for 12, the option of a US team could be looked at, IF a way for them to use the import rule is there.

Portland or Wisconsin are thethe very few cities that could work, simply because they would help balance the league(Play out of a central division with Winnipeg and Regina)
AND since their from a small state, a modified import rule of "must use 20 in state products" could work.
** ONLY AS A 12TH!! TEAM**


Amazing coincidence. 8) 8) Every time there is an expansion post, my shares in BC bud go up. Keep smokin it guys, um sorry, I mean keep talkin expansion guys. You are "padding" my retirement fund!

LOL I posted that for a joke,lol
Just wanted to give you guys what you asked for.
Long live the CFL.

I'd be opposed to Boise just because of their blue field. It gives me migraines and makes me want to ralph.

LOL thats why I picked it CRF,lol
Nice stadium though.

Actually Barnes, you have to admit, that they are pretty good choices if we were to expand back to the US again.
And most of those stadiums can be used for a CFL field. I payed particular attention to the stadiums I was picking.
The CFL rules for US stadiums is that the end zones only have to be 15 yards deep for example.
And Portland did have a CFL game played there.
So some of those cities I chose do make sence.
but Yes I agree, there are some Canadian cities that should be looked at first, the problem I have with the Canadian Cities are that we will have to wait another 20 years for the league to make it to 10 teams.

It's been four whole days since the last post on an expansion thread. What gives? I can't take the withdrawal.

Somebody post on expansion, please! Help the 'expansioholics'.

I WIN! Not only THIS thread..... but http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNp ... ic&t=18293.

------------------------------------ :slight_smile:

P.S. If the 'Cats don't win this week, I'll be posting on the other thread a suggestion that Hamilton get a team. It may be worth a shot.

(Mark- a long-suffering Ti-Cat supporter.)

Mark, it's time for someone to come to your rescue. I have the solution to the problem. Over the years , we've seen a multitude of suggestions for expansion, most of them completely unrealistic. Now, here's the real deal.

My hometown, Elliot Lake, would be the ideal solution.
Consider...We are situated halfway between Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie, so we can draw fans from both. Also, about halfway between Hamilton/Toronto and Winnipeg, and halfway between Vancouver and Halifax.Can't you just imagine the universal appeal?

True, we don't have a stadium. But that hasn't stopped other cities from being promoted! What we would do is lay out the field at the base of the ski hill. Then we could arrange seating an the hill itself. (Bring your own chairs).
When this succeeds, can you imagine the opportunities it would open? Mont Tremblant Poutines! Jasper Joyriders! Endless new sites..

All of the above is tongue-in-cheek. BUT, is it really more preposterous than some of the wild ideas we've been exposed to?

Sorry my friend, but the domination of Southern Ontario must STOP and the line will be drawn here. No more southerly based teams even IF Elliot Lake has a ski bump.

It’s the Hornepayne Hornets, or else!

Sorry, my friend.
Must I now give you lessons in Canadian geography? The Province of Ontario has officially decreed that the dividing line between Northern and Southern Ontario is the French River. TRUE.

Since Elliot Lake is considerably north of that, my suggestion conforms to your condition. HAH!

Hornepayne Hornets, indeed!