whats this about winnipeg cheerleaders?

was watching off the record last night at 3am and they said somethin about this, what are they talkin about? link? :smiley:


Maybe that?

I would have posted a link to the pictures but they aren't very appropiate for the site.

details and pics in 13thman pub

went to highschool with one of them and know 2 others. god bless em.

Found the pics. Yes i had to google it. The pics are pretty hot, and it's not "a couple" of cheerleaders. It's half the squad, lol. I don't know how these pictures got leaked. It looks like a bunch of young girls having fun taking silly, but yes, sexy pictures. Don't be alarmed Canada - i bet it happens at many slumber parties and girls night outs. What they did wasn't a terrible thing. However, being that they were personal photos, leaking them to media was a bad thing because it does put the unwanted spotlight on the Blue Bombers organization. It's nothing compared to the Hamilton cheerleaders playing with sex toys on the Howard Stern show a couple years ago. In this age, you gotta be careful because media is so accessable. Now think...are there any incriminating photos of you floating around in cyberspace?

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and there is more!

Blue Bomber dance cheerleader manager Dena Clark has resigned. Guess what? She is the Blue Bombers GM Brendan Taman fiance.

Last week there were about 6 pics released. Well there are more, and they are surfacing more, and more each day.

Really, it has to be a former cheerleader who is trying to get back at somebody, probably Dena Clark, or a current cheerleader.

Why would somebody release these?

If you ask why someone would release them, I must ask: Why would you feel it is appropriate to post them here?

just found the pics...if they the pics people are talkin about, i dont see the big deal...not nearly as scandelous as the media suggests...nothing u dont see on facebook every day.

The moon over parliament hill was nice :slight_smile:

You're kidding right??
Playing with sex toys on a radio station is worse than lude/suggestive pics on the internet??

Depends what kind of 'playing' we're talking about. I'm with the guy who says it's nothing you dont see on Facebook. In fact if I was to review all my albums on FB, I could easily find pics that could be considered racy as some of these, minus the Arby's roast beef with cheese pic...


I've seen what is supposedly "the complete set" of 55 pictures. Most are totally harmless, some are mildly raunchy, and a select few contain nudity.

The photos were allegedly stolen from someone's computer. A former cheerleader named Kim (long-haired brunette) appears in most of the photos, so I assume she was the original owner.

It's too bad that Coach Dena Clark has left the squad. She's done terrific work with Blue Lightning, and she'll be very hard to replace.

But let me add--While Girls Gone Wild are hot, Blue Lightning Cheerleaders Gone Wild are spectacular!

Oh, but there are pics of them doing just that, on the internet. Did you really think there weren't pictures?


On top of that, these were personal pics. Simply taking these pics is not a terrible thing. They're obviously having fun goofing around. It's not a big deal. There's nothing lude about it. Of course, having them splashed all over the internet was not their intent, but they're out there now. Unfortunately, when you have any kind of public platform anything from your private life can become a potential "scandal".

This just confirms the fact that I wouldn't lets say touch a cheerleader with your hands let alone mine.

I don't really respect the dancer/pom pom girls (needless eye candy where there is really only one or two out of the bunch that are worth looking at). On the other hand the real cheerleaders ie: the ones doing tosses and lifts I have lots of respect for since they are actual athletes and are fun to watch at the games. Most teams should have a cheerleading squad that have some true to form cheerleading like the Riders and Eskies do.

You sir, will single-handedly change the face and conceptions of cheerleading for generations to come.

Blue Bomber dance cheerleader manager Dena Clark has resigned. Guess what? She is the Blue Bombers GM Brendan Taman fiance.
No she isn't. Dena and Brendan broke up during the 2007 season, and they were never engaged.

And the record is set straight.

to this day, I have never seen a crooked record.