What's the word?

On import LB Kyries Hebert.I've never heard of this guy before, former Bomber signed by the Ticats today to replace the injured Ike Brown on ST and backup LB.Supposedly a ST demon but there's word he can be a bit of a dirty player.Hopefully some of the Bomber faithful can cue me in on this guy.Thanks guys :slight_smile:

He was a pickup from the Renegades dispersal draft, mostly a special teamer and safety in his time here. It was his special teams skills that got him a look and a couple of seasons with the Bengals. Decent safety, though for you guys with Baker back there and the way your ratio seems to be set up, doubt he will play much back there, probably a special teamer and backup to the LB spots.

Thx :slight_smile:

....the guy was a decent player here....Used to hit a ton but at 30 might have lost a bit....I always like Kyries....gave you a 110 percent all the time and is a good special teams signing :thup:

Just what I like to hear, his ST numbers are rock solid and he seems to be an improvement over Ike Brown in every way besides age.Should help us out :thup:

The Head Hunter is back. Guy loved to hit, didn't always connect, but never backed down. Always seemed to be around the ball making plays too.

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