Whats the the city of ottawa?

Whats the the city of ottawa? Every CFL game i watch isnt even close to slod out it just looks like a bunch of empty seats. even at the beginning of the season when they were winning it wasnt sold out whats going on? I am sure you guys have great fans but seriously you guys need more great fans more. There is a lot of people in the city of Ottawa.

ok, this topic has been started thousands of time. thanks for coming out though.

It's ottawa the home of worst football fans. What is there to do in ottawa? Beg Quebec not to separate. HAHAHA. You guys are a joke

5:00? you should get your rest, does your mom know you're up this early?

This topic is dead and will not further be discussed unless you have something construtive.... and regarding attendance stop bitching and go to a game if you a so concerned about attendance.

Sorry MM... I've got to post this...This is getting real old real fast...

We have a team that is 4 years old.
We have a new ownership that doesn't care what is happening on the field. They want to sell beer to a bunch of college kids.

Where is reponsible ownership?

BTW... I was watching the Winnipeg/BC game... I saw a few emply seats.

Now what... are you going to the Bomber page to bother them?

It wouldn't surprise me at all that you are a separatist, Pehaps a poster of Rene Levesque over your bed?

You my friend are a joke and perhaps not a CANADIAN!!!

ANNNNNNND this thread is dead....

yup, let's all make a pact not to discuss this topic any more

No I'am not a separtist or a canadien. HAHA. I' am making fun of the joke of a city Ottawa is. Ottawa's has it head so far up Montreal's butt, and the rest of Canada knows it. The citizens of Alberta want to separate because of it. Do you blame em? Why are you guys so inpatient with the team? You want a grey cup overnight, sorry football doesn't work that way. It takes time and good ownership what you guys already have. He just needs good fans and he will not find that in Ottawa.

Hey man, sorry about the derogtory comments. The Gades have nothing to do with Canadian politics.

Rest assured, I and well as the other Ottawa fans that post here are giving them a chance. In fact, I will be renewing my season tickets very shortly. I understand that the renews will be out shortly.

4 years don't make a contender... We are just getting so tired of people pointing out that the stands aren't packed. Keep in mind, we lost 50% of our season ticket base last year. Thats about 6000 seats. The ownership have to win them back.

Is Canadian politics that high on your priority list.
I mean being an American I'm sure you are quite up to date on what is happening here

I can understand your point that it aggravates you that people keep pointing out the empty seats. My remarks aren't for anyone on this board because if you are on this board you must be a diehard Rens fan.

To ro1313: Yes , I'am one of the few Americans that care about Canadien politics. Maybe it because I' am a political science major? I also, like the fact that you guys fight as much as we do in the states. The whole separtists thing is a joke, and it will not happen. It's Quebecers trying to use some leverage. You canadiens know more about US politics than half the people in our country do.

To move da sticks: I might pick a woman up on Rene Levesque blvd and bring her to bed. Thats the only thing i want to do withe him. JOKE!!!!

why doesnt anyone complain about Winnipegs attendance??....its been 22 000 the last few games now....thats ONLY 3 000 more than ottawa.

ottawa will add a few key free-agents in the off season, and market this team well....they will be back with a vengance next year...u watch!

hey peter guy, if your not directing any of your comments at anyone on this board then why put them here at all. Are u that stupid, imean u realize that know one else but pepole from the forum read this stuff