Whats the Status of Kerry Josephs contract ??

We want to release Greene and Crandell and sign him.

Anyone know ????

He's entering the option year of his contract which could be worth up to $300,000. Jenkins has said that he is interested. I'd bring him back, but not at that much.

I hope, if he does leave, that he goes to the west. Because if our defence doesn't change much, you know how bad we are at covering quarterbacks who can run. He's a good quarterback, he just needs an O-Line!

Given Joseph's combined numbers, I think he is worth $300,000. He just has to hang onto the ball.

Kerry is a good qb and needs to be judged when he isnt running for his life and has a couple more receivers to throw to. I agree that he has to hold onto the ball and not throw the stupid sideline pass at the end of a half. Those mistakes are correctable but his running ability is natural and cant be taught. He is great in the community with his Kerry's kids etc. He is worth 300 000, we need to bring him back extend his contract 2 more years and get him the tools to surround him. We can all agree that Dave Dickenson is a great QB but when he is on his back he looks very ordinary. When he has time he is awesome. Joeseph would be the same way in my opinion.

I disagree. I don' t have faith that Joseph really is that great a quarterback. Is it only the fact that he is "running for his life" that causes him to make so many bad decisions and poor throws? Or is it the fact that CFL defenses quickly adjust to him and render him VERY ordinary? It's happened the last two years - great start, huge meltdown.

A member of the Argos defense last year said that Joseph is a good thrower, but not a good quarterback. He may have a point.

At $300K, I'm not sure he's worth the money. There will likely be at least 2 or 3 good quarterbacks available this off-season that could likely be had for less than that. Not to mention our back-up Brad Banks, who I really want to see given a chance to be the starter out of training camp, assuming he stays healthy.

And you know Lonie will bring some former NFL QB to get some publicity. I mentioned in another post that I'd be in favour of giving Tim Couch a shot, if he's healthy. No Ryan Leaf or Jesse Palmer, though. Too stupid and too expensive, respectively.

I don't think Kerry Joseph can fit in this new offensive system. He doesn't seem to be able to read defensive patterns good enough to be able to run a "shoot'N'run" offence. It would be cool to keep him as backup, but I doubt he'll want that or I doubt we'll want such an expensive backup!