What's the problem?

Like others I feel the main problem is half time adjustments, this is where Marshall and the staff are schooled time and time again.

Also the hitch pass needs to be tossed out of the playbook for good, I have never seen anything good happen to us when we run it, it’s a wasted play in my opinion.

Auggie needs to go, he’s to slow for pass coverage, it’s like we’re playing with one less player on passing plays when he’s out there. And Cris Martin is our weakest link in the secondary.

Agreed about the half time adjustments. No excuse for two game in a row to have no adjustments made.

4 Points in two games now in the second half just isn't going to cut it.

In his post game interview on the fifth quarter, Coach Marshall said it takes time. AND, He did not sound upset at all.

I for one am REALLY SICK AND TIRED of hearing the same garbage over and over again. 2004 and 2005 were the years for getting better. 2006 should be about kicking the begeebjas out of the opponents. Sure there are still 16 games to go, but I see no signs of encouragement.

Rob Katz and staff did their part in the off season getting the players we need to get the job done. We have the talent on the field. So apparently it's the coaching.

We're starting to sound like the Riders with the wait and see approach lol.

I agree with jlshooter. I'm also sick and tired of seeing an amazing team on paper but end up watching the Keystone Cops on the field. On paper, it appears we have alot of talent. But they can't execute. I'm afraid it's time to consider changing coaches.

And maybe also consider bringing Joe back too.

Also the hitch pass needs to be tossed out of the playbook for good, I have never seen anything good happen to us when we run it, it's a wasted play in my opinion.
that and the Draw pass, with our O-line it never works best we can do every time is 1 or 2 yards, it has to be the worst play in any playbook, and WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CAN'T MAAS THROW THE BALL DOWNFIELD??? gosh darn short passes EVERY TIME!!! :?

Coach Marshall's record since taking over the Ti-Cats. 14-23-1. 38%

It's been a few years since I was in school, so tell me, what would happen if anyone got 38% in any subject?

My current employer requires you write an exam after a week of training. A pass is 96%. :twisted:

Penalties, Bad call on kick return, to much reliance on Holmes, Who is the tailback, ? neither has shown better than lumsden, Boreham should be THE SAFETY!!!!- Bad play calling on O and D- Coach Marshal may have the team lined up for one on one meetings. Kick coverage much improoved Morealy played great. he can hit!! maybe he can play safety?? :expressionless:

We need a good Defense back and a Ben
Zambiasi type leader in the middle. :thup: :thup:

The BZ ref is asking alot.....though