What's The Point?

What is the point of the CFL polls because no matter what the question is, the riders will always end up on top, for example i really doubt mosaic is the best stadium in the league, and i doubt mcMahon is too, I'd go with the skydome, or best QB in the league they choose darian durant even though you can't argue that it is anthony calvllio, i see no point in these polls because the results are hardly acurate, i understand it is to see the fans opinions but they also want unbiased results which don't happen

democracy rules, if the majority of people say Mosaic is the best stadium in the league then it is whether you agree with the decision or not…

I'll rally the people in Kelowna, skew the poll, and vote the "Apple Bowl" as the best stadium. :lol: :lol: :lol:

ya but look at the last poll, who should be number one in the power ranking and they still vote for the riders, if the stamps got beat on i would not have voted them first

Again, don't bang your head against the wall. Slider fans will go to any length to pad polls.

what? Seriously? Have you been to the Dome? Sorry, just checking in from Tiger Town and noticed your comment. Agree that Polls are really just a popularity contest but in regards to stadiums, the Dome is far from the best


Calgary and Edmonton gave the best stadiums. Hands down.



For your Stadium question as far as atmospher goes Mosaic would probably gets the nod. But as far as structure and capacity then I would say McMahon.

For your QB question Calvillo is the best QB in leauge and possible in the game (CFL) but Durant is the future, you look at all the QB's in the leauge (Burris, Ray, Printers, Glenn, Lemon, Calvillo, Peirce, Durant) 3 out of the seven (Burris, Ray, Calvillo) are getting up their in age. Printers and Peirce are injury machines, that leaves Glenn Lemon and Durant now in 5 years who do you think the best QB is going to be? Durant

Remember these polls are based on opinions and most fans will probably pick their own team and there are alot of Rider fans :slight_smile:

I realize they don't need my attendance in mosaic but that Is a horrid stadium. Absolutely aweful. I played there in high school. That place needs to be torn down hardkore. I hope Cornish can beat out durrant for the popularity rebok thing