What's the point?

I dont get the point in releasing salaries now, Printers and NML.

There's no one left to sign so what's the point other than being the cheapest team again and another off season of loading up on nothing but rookies.

This all should have been done before free agency so they could have went after all the top guys, signed Jesse to his 1 year deal he wanted, Murphy and whoever.

But we have lots of cap space. :wink:

Obie probably let McKay go now because he is planning to sign someone with McKay's big salary who is just now about to become available.

Probably Glenn or Guillory.

My lord do we have cap space or what. We should bring in Cam Hall, he was a quality player in Winnipeg and has played with coach Marshall, and also Guillory, but it seems he is going to sign down south. Could Obie have a trade in the works?

Just like last year :smiley:

Just like every year

The Tiger-Cats always throw nickels and dimes around like they're man-hole covers.

Here's the thing with the CAP. If you want to develop a powerhouse team you can never be tight on your CAP. The reason why you don't max out is that leaves you no future room to sign your potential all star free agents. We as a developing team need to keep players like Setta, Thompson, Rodriguez etc. If Porter shows this year he will no doubt want a big contract. Without CAP room we run the risk of losing players such as these to other teams. If you look to B.C. you will see that's what Obie did with that team. The result was that they were able to keep their good star players for most of their productive years.

The professional thing to do if you do not have plans for a player is cut him loose.
You can bet feelers were put out to see if there was any trade interest.

I get the feeling in releasing Printers you have a built in excuse in that the rookie QBs need time to develop .

What future all star free agents? We’ve been under the cap for years and we signed ONE all star free agent this year and it’s his 8th or 9th year in the CFL. Pssst I think it was more what Wally did with BC with some credit to O’Billovich.

We’ve proven that you CAN run a team under the cap, you can’t run it well, but you can run it. :wink:

Before we start praising or denouncing the team maybe we should wait to see how they perform.

Sorry if I was a bit unclear. I wasn’t refering to other teams free agents but rather ours. During the last few years we have not been exactly talent heavy as our win/loss record shows; however, we are starting to get some decent players as I mentioned, Setta, Rodriguez,Porter and others who we need to keep. When these player contracts come up for renewal we need room in our salary cap to resign them. That’s what Obie was sucessful with in B.C. He was able to for years resign their good free agents. In order for the Cats to get better we need to keep the talented players we find and develop.
The CFL free agency is only a stop gap measure. It’s a place to shop for a particular need. It was never ment to be a means in itself for building championship teams.

don't you think you're giving bob to much credit for the goings on in vancity. let's get this straight-the lions are run by walter buono. bob gets credit for finding the wakes and what have you but easy on the doling out of "big ups" to bob for creating the atmosphere that is one of the most successful franchises in the last 8-10 years in hongcouver, almost all of which walter has presided over-give or take a year or two. this is bob's first real gig since he led the boatmen years ago-alot has changed,agree? i'm just sayin that when it comes to him bein a gm,he hasn't really done it in awhile and i think it is showing.that's all.
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If they have absolutely no plans to keep them passed the training camp whats the point in keeping them?
Its the professional thing to do, now he can sign somewhere and have a chance at getting a full camp under his belt with his new team for a new season.

They have no use for these guys so might as well get rid of them now and let someone who has a chance at cracking the lineup get some reps in at camp (regardless of the position)

Whats the point of NML, printers, etc going through the motions in camp and stealing valuable reps away from a young guy 3rd or 4th in the depth chart who, you never know, could show something (or need to be called upon if injuries build up)

So keeping high, underperforming salaries that count against the cap and keeps the payroll hamstrung all for an organization that’s trying to get to the break even point makes more sense?

A point well taken; I may have given Bob more credit than he was due; however, I’m sure that he played a important roll in the franchise. I suppose time will only tell. We’ll see how B.C. does this year without Bob.

I agree with August's analysis. I think it's smart to have cap space available to re-sign your up and coming players when contract re-negotiation time comes around. It also makes sense to have it available when injuries occur, as they inevitably do.

In any team, there will be high-priced players who don't work out. We've had our share and then some in recent years. That doesn't mean we shouldn't take the prudent approach of keeping cap space available for the future. I think it's wise to do so.

As far as apportioning credit in BC between Buono and Obie is concerned, I figure it's best to say they both made contributions to that team's success. I don't think it's fair to say it was all Wally and therefore zero Obie and therefore Obie is ineffective; to me, that analysis just doesn't follow.

I think we should of brought N.M.Loesher to camp anyway.It would be who the other D linemen have to beat for a spot. the best of a real bad bunch.Since our d line was the weakest area of the team by far then lets bring a couple of extra bodies to camp . Cut two or three after the1st ex. game to get a good look at the rest.New defensive coach has his hands full starting now.

hey guys/gals, the point was not to sling crud at bob because no doubt he is a primo bird dog.i'm just not sure that being a gm is going to prove to be his forte. on the bc front, i think they'll be fine with the black panther as director of player personnel- he's a bona fide bird dog-just like mikey mac is.

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I'm no expert, but I get what Bob is doing.

Free Agency is to fill a temporary hole... not meant to be anything more then a band aid... you're all treating it like it's the one and only way to build a championship team!!

Championship teams are built from the ground up, through scouting and drafting. Free agency is never a long-term solution (remember D-Mac, Ronnie and Flutie... great for 2 or 3 years and then fell apart). When you are building a championship team, you can not get tight on the cap (someone's already mentioned this in a previous post... that person is right), because eventually you need to re-sign the players you have brought up.

For instance, if we get tight on the cap this year, what will we do when we need to re-sign Porter... or Hage?... or Knowlton... or Baumann???

Championship teams are never built through free agency, if they are, they won't stay champs for very long (see: '99 Ticats).

Bob's been around this league long enough. As hard as it is for you to believe it... he knows what's going on.

Free Agency is a quick fix, but should only be about 25% of building your championship team, IMHO.