What's the point......

I do not understand why fans of the AL's continue to support - CALVILLO - CAHOON - WATKINS
This team need to find younger players fast. Hoping these players will continue to be productive is a pipe dream..... Yes they were in the past and I loved watching there skills but come on ----- Lets's get some excitement in this team forget out two & out offense which the whole CFL has figured out, because AC ghas a tendency to look for (find) one receiver.....That's taking an unnecessary beating....That's been the AL's offense for the last three seasons.

Right. Calvillo, Cahoon, and Watkins are the problems. Certainly not a porous O-line and an incompetent coaching staff. :roll:

And just so you know: Watkins and Cahoon HAVE been productive this season, despite all the other problems on offense. How you can write Cahoon off after a 98-yard gain which was then botched at the goal line through the incompetence of our coaching staff is beyond me.

I agree with discipline on this one especially where Cahoon is involved. I can't think of one thing he has done to make me think "Nope...he no longer has it."

As far as AC is concerned, he as absolutely no time in the pocket.

No, the weakness of the Als this season are on the O-line, HC, and OC.

As an Argo fan I would think it is time to shovel dirt on the Als, but each year, somehow, this team finds a way to rebound.

I refuse to believe this team won't do some damage in the playoffs.

Watkins and Cahoon have had a great year to date. Calvillo can still throw but needs better support from his offensive line. What has been missing completely this year has been the emergence of any late cuts from the NFL. Surely the team might have picked up some offensive line strength from these potential players. I would attribute this deficit to Popp not having sufficient time to scout these players as he is in over his head with the dual roles of coach and Gm. We need a full time head coach as well as someone to spend a lot of time in scouting- both the NFL and CIS. The NFL late cuts and the team's CIS selections have both been areas of concern this year.


What canI say that has not been said already.
Bad O-Line
Bad Head Coach
Bad OC
And I still cant figure out why they would take the soon to be(prob next game) second highest passing QB in CFL History and make him change from a three step drop back to a 5 step drop back!!!!!

I'll tell you why....See High-Lighted area.....Bad OC!