What's the One Play You Want Inserted?

Although it's been mentioned already...


The Touch Down Toss!

[raises arms over head]

Seriously. Throw the damn ball downfield. I thought that is what the West Coast Offence is all about.

A hook and lateral -- with Corey Holmes being the "lateralee" in the open field! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

slant/cross routes-in the passing game, and off tackle fb lead/rb trap plays in the Running game- (i couldn’t pick just one play :roll: 40 run plays Minimum :cowboy:

Just one deep post!!!!!!!!!!!! well maybe two or three!!!!!!!!


Anything that results in Lumsden or Holmes running a deep route covered only by a huffing, puffing Mike O’Shea.

I wouldn't mind seeing a few cross-overs and slants being utilized along the outsides. This could allow for some good yards after catch if the other wideout can block his man.

that one where we kneel at the end of the game cuz we're winning and want to kill the clock....