What's the One Play You Want Inserted?

Okay- based on the Argo Defense or Offense - what single play (pass, run, d-formation) do you want to see on Saturday. Why?

oh oh oh oh.. that one play.. where the receiver runs MORE than 7 yards down the sidelines and the QB.. he THROWS the ball 20 -30 yards... yeah THAT ONE..... that'd be nice to see

i would love to see the flea-flicker right off the bat on saturday, call it on the first play.

I'd say wait until the second half (when Chang is in)to attempt the flea flicker.

Who cares who throws it I just want to see it attempted!!! lol :thup:

umm lets see......lets try any but the lateral passing game. :roll: THROW THE BALL UPFIELD!!!!!

what he said :slight_smile:

The touchdown play.

Boy- do I ever miss the old 'X's and O's' board that we used to have as part of the Ti-Cat site.

(These answers are as bad as the kind that I give. I was hoping for some intelligent discussion - of the kind that I can't give.) :slight_smile:

Come on, you football minds. You saw the Argo 'D'. What should we use against it? They're usually very strong generally and O'Shea still seems to do a good job in the middle. Do we try strength on strength with the run? Their passing 'D' is veteran and while some people have been calling for a sudden T--Cat shift to going vertical is that the best route for this game?


Charlie has implimented the famous 'West Coast Offense" this season. If you are familiar with it, the strategy is to have multiple short yardage plays to move the ball. Once and a while, but rarely, does this type of offence use long deep passes.

I understand how the system works in the NFL with 4 downs because this offense uses a lot of movement and options to run the ball. However, with only three downs we don't have the ability to run the ball twice in a row and then throw for the first down. I didn't think the west coast offence would have a place in the CFL... I hope the Ti-Cats prove me wrong.

It is not easy to go a game in the CFL without scoring a TD.

It does however seem that Maas is making a career of it.

We must be close to the worst streak of games without a TD.
A bunch last year and 1 for 1 this year.

Un-freakin believable!!!

Yes I agree with an earlier post.
A TD play would be real good to see.
Defense, special teams, or the ever evasive offensive TD would suffice!!

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Mouse Davis and the run and shoot. same idea with some minor changes to compensate for the lack of a down. Receiver flooded zones or once known as the "double wing" a tipical "slot back" formation used by every Canadian football team. The key to the success of this type of offence in the CFL is the type of QB running it because its free lance .. with options, this point came accross loud and clear Saturday the way Chang successfully ran his first play to Jesse. If you have a tape watch the speed at which Timmy drops back before releasing the ball, that speed made this play possible.This was not an outlet this was a very well run play executed by two very good football players and support staff. A play which the QB's speed made all the differnce.

The Argo's typically play a bend but don't break defense. Be patient with the run and short passes to keep moving the ball. They will eventually blitz - make the read and connect on the long pass. One play that you need to complete is the seam route just past the linebacker and in front of the Defensive back. The QB has to make a good throw and the receiver must adjust his route into the seam.

I got this from the book how to BS your friends by Cliff Clavin.

Going vertical against the Argos will kill us. There is probably 960 we haven't tried yet so maybe give the coaching staff some credit and let them do their jobs.

All I want to see is about 25 - 30 rushes against the Argos. Punding the ball is what will win the game, wear them out then play action passes coming off off big runs.

The play I want inserted into the game is in every team in every league at every level of footballs playbook. It is a simple to execute play with almost 100% efficiency.

The extra point is the play I want inserted.

This play can follow a touchdown on offence, defense or special teams, I don't care which.

I just want to see Chang holding and Setta kicking a lot and not for 3 points, but, for 1 point.

Troy Davis running until he puked got us at least a tie against the Argos a couple of years back!

I agree, rushing and some long balls are a good formula

How about Mass wearing a baseball cap and carrying a clipboard standing on the sidelines,best play I can think of would be that,Im getting a little tired of watching him launch those mighty long bombs of 5 to 15 yards

I like the middle screen idea but to corey Holmes and perhaps to the weak side. We should pound, pound, pound the running game with Jesse, 20-25 times. The long ball that every one wants to see so bad has to either be very early or be set up for late in the game against this Argo defence.

The defence cannot let the Argos march and or score early. I really believe the some what obvious that an early score by our offence would do wonders for the team and the fans at the game.

Go Cats go!!!

I kinda liked the quick-hit to Archie (inside slant for about 5 yards) that he would get many YAC, thanks to something that our receivers cannot figure out - BLOCKING.