Whats the news in Edmonton?

Well the Stamps have been owning the Eskimos this year and frankly the ground shook here in cowtown. No it was not an earthquake and no it was not Larrysmiles girl friend skipping rope. I think it must have been all those eskie fans jumping off the band wagon. Who can blame them they are not use to losing. Seriously 34 years in a row of success. I am sure this will not happen again by any one team in the CFL. There are many eskie fans that do not know how a football team can not make the playoffs up until of course last year. So what and how are the media handling this. Come on eskies a cross over is still there for the taking.

Cross over? Are you serious? They're more likely to catch Calgary!

What no media threads today? The Argos were lucky to beat the tigercats today. Now seriously they have abetter shot with the Argos your team is only 1 point ahead of the eskimos

I expected to see news of coaches being cut today, but perhaps the people who do the firing don't get back to work till Monday.... all I know is, we better have someone else running the show by the time MTL shows up, since I expect that Maas will study and practice the MTL playbook and gamefilm enough to be ready for next Friday.

Seeing as I don't recall any coaches looking for jobs atm, i'd go with Dan Kepley at this point; sure he is only linebackers coach or something, but he at least can probably remember how a GREAT Eskimo team operates.... We don't need coaches that damn badly. Ray can play-call for the offense, with Ebell's running to back up the passing attack. Does the uninventive Special Teams playbook really need the current incompetent coach drawing from it? Fleming is a 16-year vet! He knows went to punt and when to kick, and the cover team ought to know how to block for returns. We just need someone to do the Moreno thing and take leadership on the defensive line, and that pretty much eliminates the HC, OC STC, and DC. Surely this can be made to work for a few weeks anyway while Kep gets fitted into a HC role....

05, I said it last night and I'll say it again tonight, I sat through the brutal losing streaks the Oilers went through last season, and I still have my Oilers jersey hanging in my closet, so I think I can handle a couple of Eskimo losses.

Am I calling for the heads of several of the coaches? You betcha! But that doesn't mean I've jumped off the band wagon. I'd stick with this team even if they fell to 1-17! But I do want competent people running the team. If the DC can't make simple adjustments at halftime, then he needs to go. If the offensive guys don't know how to create a solid running game, then they need to go. If these guys collectively continue to blow leads, then they all need to go.

We've got a solid team. Tucker is a great WR, and we've got some young talent coming up with Acree and a few others. Ebell will eventually turn into a solid RB. We saw briefly last night that our guys can play defence. Just unfortunate that our DC can't...

I'm certainly still supporting the team; still watching the away games and attending all the home games. Unfortunately I haven't been able to post much at all this season as I've been pretty busy lately. I won't give up on this team's possibility of winning the GC until they are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. And even if they are, I'll still follow their final few games of the season.

This entire season has been a huge disappointment, I thought the team would be improving upon their record from last year, but as of now it doesn't look like they will. Players like Tucker, Gass, Morgan, Samuels, Abdullah, Braidwood and McClendon have been MAJOR disappointments so far this season, and hopefully this will change. However, I've been very surprised and impressed by the play of Ebell, Peterson, Acree, Garret, and Goss.

Losing the season series to Calgary(tie-breaker) means that the possibility of the Esks making the playoffs through the west is becoming increasingly non-existent as the weeks pass. With the West teams more dominant than the East, I see the Esks remaining victories coming against the East. If the Esks can win in Hamilton, sweept Toronto, and split with Montreal, I'd say they're basically guaranteeing a crossover spot. Time will tell, but obviously some changes need to be made in the coaching department and very soon IMO. If the team loses another game or two in a row, its time to dump Maciocca. Otherwise, I'd wait until the off-season rather than implement such a radical change to the team at this point in the season.

Great post, I would agree with everything you've said there. They are still only 2 points out of a playoff spot via crossover, and mid season coaching changes usually aren't as well thought out as off season coaching changes.

No need to expalin how the eskimo fans feel or their loyalty. I stated the band jumping in jest. But you have to admit there are many eskie fans that have not been exposed to losing especially two years in a row. The chances now for this team and it is still there is a cross over position. But really with the clowns running your team do you feel that it is worht it. They released one of your top d-lineman in desperation would indicate there is no hope for this year. I mean yes changes are needed but why the strength of your team. Abdulah did take a foolish penalty but so did Deadwood and frankly wha the hell is Gass still there. I seriously think you would be better of with the kid that replaced him when he got tossed out in the previous Calgary game. That too was a big distraction. The coaches were so intent in getting this clown off his suspension they forgot to prepare the team for football.

....the way T.O looked yesterday (of course they were playing the Cats) it doesn't look like the Argos are going to go in the tank any time soon...in fact they looked stronger than ever.....an Esks. sweep of T.O...does not look like a likely proposition at this time.... :wink: :roll:

I agree, papazoola. As much as I don’t want to give up hope, I think this season is over for us… especially since the coaching staff would rather bury their hands in the sand than look at the real problem… A shame, really.

Kudos to Chief and esks123 for comming on and taking their "lumps". Actually you two have handled this well for a while.

A cross over is still a possibility, but you need to beat Toronto a few times. I agree with 2005, Gass is a liabillity for the Eskies. I think Disco Danny has proven the 2005 Grey Cup was a fluke (Not for Edmonton, but his coaching abilities), and a team he inherited from Tom Higgins.

Definately inherited that GC win. That crazy trade they made with Hamilton helped out too.

OH Jman do not get larrysmiles going again. :lol: :lol:

Yes the last GC by Edmonton was a tainted affair!


That seems to be a trend... Champlaine wins a GC in B.C. and then heads over to Edmonton... Betcha he gets the coaching job this summer! :roll:

Now that I stop to think... Macioca and assorted other coaches do need the boot for incompetency and running talent into the ground, but who exactly is out there unemployed right now, with CFL coaching experience? Has to be some people lined up to replace anyone canned....

Now I know I am going to be made fun of but I would get Matt Dunigan. The guy was not that bad it was the ownership that caused him to fail. The guy wore all the hats. He was GM, HC, OC, cleaned the restrooms you name it. But had he come in with the ownership we have now I think as an HC or OC he would do great.

Not sure if he would want the job, but I'm not going to make fun of you over this one...
I actually agree with you, that given the circumstances, Matt did a good job in Calgary.
Far to many hats given his complete lack of experience, but some of the gems he found and developed--Joffrey Reynolds and Nik Lewis come to mind--are still paying dividends for Calgary.
I thought he did a good job.

And he was on my short list for either GM or coach(not both) in Sask--not that anyone but ET or Austin were ever in the race....

Yes Arius please make fun of me. But yes I think Matt would be an upgrade to the prancing chubby fool they have in place.

I did think of him, but then I remember that he has a job, doing the half-time panel for TSN and seemingly enjoying it.