What's the matter with Cohon

He looked shaken when asked about the CBA then left to make his appointment at the spray tanning salon :lol:

The whole thing was weird... He stumbled his words and then announced the first pick ...then he ledft... I almostthink that maybe the Glen trade wasn't valid or something and he tryed to stop it... It was a very bush league telecast on TSN and Cohon led it.

I was listening to TSN radio before the draft and Cohen sounded ok on there. Rod Black was suppose to host the TV hour anyway as far as I know.

I couldn't get on TSN internet even though I have TSN on my Bell account. To old for this new stuff I guess.

Randorf hosted the draft in prior years but Cohon announced all the first round picks/trades. Cohon, for whatever reason, skipped out after the first overall pick was announced. Maybe he didn't care for the question about the CBA, which is a legitimate question. Just the way the whole thing was handled today had the caliber of a public access cable program, not a production of a professional sports league and sports channel.

Makes you wonder what TSN 5 will look like :lol:

Cricket matches from the 3rd tier division in India. And crickets will be the sound of the people watching.

He kind of stumbled his words?
What's more important is why TSN only had one hour, then to leave for a taped ESPN nonsense show.

It'd probably cost $10,000 for another hour of draft coverage on TSN, while they can probably pickup a 30/30 re-run for $2,000, adding to TSN's annual $100 million+ profits. Plus ESPN's programming is professionally produced while TSN's draft coverage...not so much. :wink: At least TSN is mentioning the CFL which is more than most other Canadian media outlets. :oops:

Things done now.
Winnipeg is doing a live presser on their site


correct me if I'm wrong, but does TSN not own the broadcast license for the CFL, with Drafts, documentaries, highlights etc etc included?

did cohon take off because he was asked about the CBA? Is that confirmed.
What a douche...if true

Who knows. I'm sure if there's an official reason given for his absence after announcing the Lavertu pick it'll probably not have anything to do with the CBA. But Farhan brought up Madani's article in talking to him before the first pick was made and Cohon looked uncomfortable IMO, didn't really give much of an answer before saying "Calgary, you're on the clock". Then the Stamps-RBs trade is dicussed briefly by the panel, Cohon announces the Stamps pick Lavertu. The panel then goes on to discuss Lavertu, and a somewhat surprised Rob Black says something along the lines of what? I get to announce the next pick?! then announces the bombers selection of Goosen. The way it went down sure seemed like it was unexpected that Black would be taking over announcing the picks. I initially thought Cohon was just in the bathroom when the bombers made their pick, but he was gonzo. It was all quite strange.

And then there was the whole thing around Black talking to Glenn through the TV screen. "You have not been traded"... The whole thing looked like Cable access television.

All that was missing was Rod saying "Shwing" :cowboy:


any links?

They would re-purpose and recycle any given number of years of awful television footage from ESPN2 in the US from the 1990s?

The shows for the World's Strongest Man competition rocked but for that announcer and former champion Bill K. though.

And Rod Black would have his very own variety show for which he would make sure to show off daily examples from his reported private multi-coloured tuxedo and suit collection.

Yes, TSN owns the rights but the $10,000 is approx. production costs of the 1 hr. show. Buying a ESPN re-run is probably much cheaper.

The production value of this latest Draft broadcast couldn't have cost more than $200.

Admit as well it was sort of weird and not what I expected, it was like Cohon almost didn't want to be there. My guess as others the CBA question but who knows. Ah, at least televised though, what other Canadian operated and controlled professional sports league has a draft of which any part is shown on television? None that I know of.

Maybe he was anxious to go watch the Pens-Rangers game 7. :slight_smile:

He left because of a question he could not probably give a answer to because the talks are on going is nuts.

can someone post the link to the article that has been mentioned? I was at work for the last few days and haven't been able to catch up on anything cfl.