What's the key to beating Winnipeg?

That's the question of the fan poll on this site.

The options are:

Run the ball
Use special teams to win the field battle
Protect Henry Burris
Don't take penalties
Pressure Buck Pierce
Shut down their ground game
Stretch the field with long passes

I picked Don't take penalties.

That goes along with minimizing mistakes. it was mistakes that cost the Tiger-Cats both games so far.

All symptomatic of a new team with new coaches, new players, and new systems.

I think the talent, for the most part, is there.

I'm a proponent of continuity and here we are again, starting all over, year 10 of the 5 year plan as some have said. ( I love that saying)

Thoughts? How do we beat Winnipeg?

I think the key is going to be scoring more points than them. I don't want to start going through all the tired cliches, just score more points than them and we should win. :expressionless:

Well that was interesting, I was writing up a reply and because someone else posted my reply got nuked.

H. has to establish the run to beat W. awesome D. To establish the run we need a bona fide RB, some one who can blow the gaps and has experience to spot them, and that leaves Walker.

Go after Jovon Johnson early and often.

If they can run the ball successfully, get a few tds through the air, keep Hank off his back, not fumble or throw ints, get some penetration from the line, wrap up when we tackle, get atleast 3+ turnovers, and also hold Winnipeg to under 5 points...then I think the Cats got a REAL good shot at winning this.

But really the Cats have to come out flying on offence, hopefully put an end to this Swaggerville b.s early. The defence just needs to get some pressure on Buck, if they can start by doing that, everything else should start to fall into place. If this turns into a track meet, we have a distinct advantage.

Chad Simpson scares me going up against the D we have been fielding the past couple weeks. They let him loose and they can kiss any chance of winning this game bye-bye.

All of the points posted by CaptainKirk must be met correctly - that will mean the Tiger-Cats played a successful 60 minutes full-out game.

But if I had to pick just one: Pressure Buck Pierce.

Otherwise, he will just pick our rookie-laden defensive backfield to pieces.

Play as a Motivated Disciplined Team and Win, if Austin can get this motivation to win out of the Tiger-Cats they will win every game not just against Winterpeg!!!

All of the above. But after Sunday's game, I'd say any one would be an improvement.

Seriously, though, it may not be specific to beating Winnipeg, but they need to stop the run. Go toe-to-toe through the air, and we stand a very good chance of coming out on top.

Simply pressuring Pierce doesn't work; he's unflappable until he gets hurts. Focusing on the long ball isn't the answer either, although mixing long and short up could work, as long as there aren't any picks early.

Norwalk virus outbreak in the Winnipeg locker room this week?

On O, take out Gable, insert Walker. Use him liberally with swing passes out of the backfield, and screens. Give Burris the green light to run. Bench Giguere for the first quarter to wake him up. Throw deep to Gant often.

Stop the run. Cover man to man all night in the secondary...no zone. Try to scare Pierce by unleashing JJ on him early in the game.

Renault has a slow kicking motion. Send the house to punt block.

Either that, or send some sun-warmed shrimp to the Bomber dressing room!

Burris needs time to throw the ball accurately, the Hamilton oline has been disappointing so far this season. They will be the key to beating the Bombers if they can give Burris the time he needs.

I am going to add one more "play the damn game as it was intended to be played." Full out no looking back and damn it take no prisoners!!!

Take less penalties and sack/harass Pierce all day long. The offence as it stands can do enough to win, the defense needs to contain Pierce and the run and the secondary needs to come to play.

Peg is going to want payback for that humiliating preseason game which they were responsible for, so we better be ready to play. :cowboy:

Did anybody here watch the Blue Bombers' win over the Alouettes last week in Montreal?

What atsruck me most about that game was Winnipeg's coverage by their secondary. They blamketed the Alouettes' receiver and AC had no open receivers.

That's quite concerning.

I don't think buck Pierce is as much of a concern as is the Blue Bombers' secondary.

I think it vitally important to fully utilize the RBs by establishing a running game and quick dink & dunk passing game.

Also, get Burris to run, and run often.

Agree 100%. Bombers secondary did look good last weekend and the TiCats receivers were not getting open versus Edmonton this past Sunday. That combination, if it stays static, has potential to be quite decisive.

Burris needs to operate the zone-read-run-option more effectively. He has to pull it from the RB and run at least a few times to make the defense respect it. If he does this, it'll slow up the Bomber's pass rush as well as spread the defense and put isolated pressure on the coverage. He can't just take the snap and stand stationary in the pocket for more than a 3 count and expect to be effective. All of Henry's runs the past two weeks have been as a last resort and not by design. Reilly on the other hand was good at running the zone-read-run-option and spread Hamilton's D across the field which then opened up holes for Charles and sideline out-routes for the Edmonton receivers. Most of the #Esks completions were outside the hashmarks.

Henry can do this. Operate the zone-read-run option effectively and Hamilton can control the game clock and game.

Oh ... and no turnovers ... no penalties ... no giving up big plays ... capitalize on big plays ... other than that not much else!

Mistakes, Mistakes, Mistakes!
This team needs to focus and reduce the ridiculous amount of mistakes
Dropped Passes, dropped Int's, fumbles, blown coverages, etc.
It all adds up to 2 losses
Austin must get the players to reduce the mistakes and we will win.

To me, the key is the Cats' Defence. What can they do to stop the Peg from putting up points. The Cats' Offence v. the Peg D is going to be a close fight so keeping the peg off the scoreboard is essential. If the D pulls it together and stuffs the Peg O, game over; Cats 25 Peg 10.

First of all they have to forget the pre season 55 zip game. This one is against their first teams, not the practice squad.

Primarily they have to hang onto the ball - offensively, defensively and ST: no dropped passes, no fumbles.

The rest is in the cleches : everyone on the same page; playing within themselves; and the mutually exclusive, giving 110%;
playing as a team; playing the game the 'right' way and all the others I missed.

Oh yeah, keep Giggy off the field.