What's the issue with Stoddard?

I'm a fan of the Canadian receivers in the league because for the most part they are tough as nails. You never see them short-arm a possible catch to avoid being cranked and they seem to like to dish out the hits as well as receive them.

So here's my question about Stoddard. Why does he play so little? Granted I haven't seen all the games this year but it seems over the past few years he is always the odd man out. And yet he rarely (if ever) drops the ball regardless of how hard he is hit. Sure he can't run like the wind but dependability needs to count for something. Is there something I'm missing?

Because he's not very good. I couldn't believe it took them this long to realize it. It was obvious last year how much better Arjei Franklin was than Stoddard but until Stoddard got hurt Franklin was stuck behind him. I think Eckert is probably ahead of him now too on the depth chart

Stoddard has always been one of my favorites for his dependibilty and dedication to the game. I have seen him do some serious jarring on special teams as well.

I don't think you are missing anything, perhaps some of us can get together in the off-season and write a book about the mysteries of the season, in particular how coach Berry utilizes his staff.

well hmm... lets think about it here for a second.... first the bombers have terrance edwards, then we have derrick armstrong, then we have milt, then we have arjei franklin, then we have oneil wilson, then we have adam eckart which is much younger than stoddard, is canadian and probably more talented so there isnt much chance for stoddard to get into the lineup

Due to the fact that Stoddard, Eckert, Wilson, and Franklin are all non-imports and of the same position that we are quite loaded in, one can see why their play is limited. I think Franklin could be a starter next season as Milt won't be around.

By the way Franklin is the youngest of the four, with the other three being within five months of age difference of one another.

Stoddard has been hurting the last 4 weeks, Berry says he will be ready to go at receiver again this weekend. We really need his sure hands right now, watch for him to be a factor and possibly the catalyst to get the rest of the guys back on track too.

His lack of speed has always been his downfall, but he makes up for it with his sure hands and physical play. For the little action he does get during the year, it's amazing how his one or two catches a game are always big ones. He is the most under-rated player on the team, and has been throughout his career.

...he really amazes me with his dedication....it seems every year people try to write him off...and he just keeps coming back ...and when you need a clutch catch..Jamie is there....and those sure hands are SURE good holding on field goals...Now if Stoddard could parlay his sure hands and confidence to Westy...our field goal problems would be over :wink: :lol: ....goBigBlue...

I for one think O'niel Wilson should get his walking papers. He drops too many passes...I would rather see Stoddard in there than him.

if stoddard didnt have pinning "skills?" he wouldve been gonzo awhile ago. Not to be racist at all, but the canadian black athletes, ar well just more athletic than us white bums.

I'd rather have a slow guy who gets open, never drops a ball and is willing to take a hit than a fast athletic guy who may or may not catch the ball and tends to short arm passes in traffic.

I'd rather have a guy who can catch more than 30 passes a year for 1 or 2 TDs thats the best Stoddard will ever do for us. Not dropping the ball is great but he doesn't get open very often and never aound the goal line.
We need to get a GM who doesn't trade our first canadian college pick away every year like Taman does then maybe we'd have a kicker and some a canadian receiver who can catch 60 passes a year

Hey Hammerbutt, so much for your boy Wilson being better then Stoddard. He dropped two easily catchable balls again, as for Stoddard never being open, what a crock, he never get's covered because the ball never goes to him. I do admit Wilson is faster, however until he can start "catching the ball" when it counts I will take Stoddard any day of the week.

Stoddard dropped an easy one and got a bonehead unsportsmanlike penalty too so neither one played well. If the ball never goes to Stoddard then I guess the QB agrees with me.

Stoddard made some good catches today....O'Niel dropped some as he normally does.

Seriously...give Wilson to Hamilton...where they will place him as their #1 reciever...and he can have fun joining the others in dropping passes.

Why not throw Stoddard in as well see if they'll give us Chris Baumann? He's a local boy and already has shown me more in 1 year than Stoddard has in 8.

because we are looking for recievers that can catch passes..lol...not Chris Bauman.