what's the difference between the Riders and other CFL teams

The Riders again, have lost coaches, players and have a tonne of free agents..

Why does it seem like they are the only team that is successful lately that is losing their top men over and over?

what's the difference between us and teams like the Eskimos, Steampeders, Alouettes, even the Lions?

why do we lose so many of our guys, staff included?

The Lions have been gutted, too. Maybe they haven't lost a lot of staff (Who have the Riders lost besides Austin?), but they've certainly lost a lot of players.

In addition to Austin, there's Eric Tillman, and now Paul LaPolice, apparently.

Yeah, I just found out about LaPolice... but weren't a bunch of Riders fans complaining about him not making second half adjustments last season? Shouldn't it be good riddance? :lol:

Remember, they are Rider fans, Chief. . .

There is no diference whatsoever in what the Riders are doing as opposed to the rest of the league. Every team has lost players, coaches etc. Success in the CFL is and always has been predicated on the ability to develop Canadian talent and right now the Riders are enjoying a better than average success rate with their Canadians. This was no different that the Eskimos in the 70's, yes they enjoyed having some great import talent on the team but the superiority of their Canadians was the key to the continued success.

Despite the personnel changes with the Riders, the one constant has been their stability with their Canadians. Enjoy it because it is likely a product of good timing as opposed to good planning.

Here I thought I was going to see a punch line to the lead up there, CFListhebest

Ummm.....I dunno....other teams can count? Sorry, I thought the subject heading required a punch line. :wink:

While I sympathize with the Riders' plight, losing two defensive ends (albeit really good ones) isn't quite as bad a losing Foley (who has the same agent as Wake and has been working out with a number of NFL teams) and Lumbala (Dolphins). Imports can be replaced much easier than non-imports, plus B.C. has lost its kick returner Grice-Mullen and Outstanding Rookie running back Mallett.

Bottom line: I feel badly for the Riders, but feel worse for my team.


My first thought was that they're the only team in Saskatchewan but then all these normal answers started coming. :oops:

Question 1 - nothing
Question 2 - the football gods hate you

I chuckle everytime I see Tillman and LaPolice in the same sentence.

Their fans can be obnoxious and annoying with their constant proclamations of how great they are? :wink:

As opposed to the other teams, the riders can't count.
I mean honestly you set yourself up for that.
But seriously, look around man, every team is dealing with these problems.

I wasnt a fan of LaPolice

The difference between the Riders and other CFL teams? Their fans take self-centeredness to a whole new level.

Seriously, every team has these problems. Deal with it and quit whining.

Well the most obvious difference is that the Riders have green uniforms; no one else in the league does.

So what exactly are you seeing when you look at Emontons' uniforms??

LOL, good one; guess I'm colour blind. . . just meant that they are the only team with green as their primary colour. . .but even that it is not correct.

So I'll go back and sit in the corner where I belong. . .

Take cflisthebest with you.....

I believe that's cruel and unusual...