What's the difference between Calvillo and Pierce?

[i]What’s the difference between Anthony Calvillo and Buck Pierce?

Anthony Calvillo breaks records

Buck Pierce breaks (his) body parts.



dang man,is this a new one? i mean, it might be relevant if pierce was playing right now but he hasnt for like 5 weeks now..

gets a little old,is irrelevant and really, shows a lack of respect. i suggest you grow up.

You just need to lighten up... it was funny... 8)

I agree, I thought it was good too! Sign him up for an audition at Yuk Yuk's !

It would have been funnier without the last line.

A more apt comparison would be between the Als and Bombers offences. Where the latter fails to block and that is why Pierce gets consistenly hammered. If Calvillo played for the Bombers he may have been killed a long time ago.

Hmm not too funny. How bout this one.

What do Pierce and a jukebox have in common?

They both only give you a couple plays per Quater,

badaboom :lol:

Oh yeah! Johnny likes that one! :thup:

[i]Johnny got another one!

Buck Pierce ate some beans. He then farted, and tore himself a second crack![/i]

?????? Pierce is not even in the same league so to speak. Calvillo is a starting QB and Pierce is not. He may have been the starter in Winnipeg but I never considered him a starting QB...................