What's the difference between a Charity and the Roughriders?

Nothing! they both give away important stuff to people who need it more!

the Riders were a joke! :lol:

Can't say that I disagree with you there.

What is this I see? cflisthebest is already calling his team a joke and has started a thread in his own forum calling out his beloved Riders? Could it be he is off his hallowed Rider bandwagon already? After only one game that they still came within five yards of winning?

My eyes must deceive me. This guy has made it his personal mission to accuse us Esks fans of jumping off the bandwagon this season (and I contend that the real esks fans are still here), and then turns around to do the exact same thing he has been accusing us of doing so blatantly. After one game no less!

While I can appreciate the blindness and ignorance that usually follows such single-minded hatred for one rather successful sports franchise, I find it surprising, even for a poster of cflisthebest's nominal intelligence, to not realize the sheer irony and boneheadedness of making practice of calling out that team's fans just to do the exact same thing he has accused us of after ONE BAD GAME. What gall! What nerve! What lack of foresight!

This is something I just can't help but shake my head at. Talk about not living up to the standard you set for others!

You know it's funny, I got upset when I read thread after thread of flames he has created in the Eskimos forum, but now I realize not to take this joker seriously if he is so quick to transcribe numerous derogatory posts about his own team (who are still in the playoffs so far this year) after a bad game or two. My ire as it pertains to sporting rivalries is saved for true fans of the other team, thank you very much.

There are two words in the dictionary that describe cflisthebest, F L A K E and H Y P O C R I T E. I have spelled them out extra carefully so he can look them up, as it is obvious he has no clue what either one of them mean. I look forward to reading his mono-syllabic response.

Hey Esquimaux i hear you man. I think Dude (cflisthebest)is only 12-13 years old tops. Its not often i agree with an Eskimos fan but...

LMFAO, I think you just nailed cflisthebest to a T, Mr. Esquimaux. It will be difficult for him to argue his way out of this one in any intelligent manner!!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

As a Rider fan, I am too frustrated by their lack of killer instinct. If they had played smarter in the final minutes of the game, they could be 8-6 and force the Eskimos to win all of their games if they wanted to make it to the post-season. Edmonton has a tough road ahead of them, make no mistake about it, but the Riders need to step up and win and make it tough for Edmonton to reach the playoffs. Montreal is a beatable team , unlike previous years when they were the class of the East. They let a golden chance slip away. I believe the Riders can beat the Als, but they have play 60 minutes of good , smart football win. I have faith in my team, and im sure cflisthebest does as well, but like me, he is frustrated at the loss. Eskimos played a good game and deserved the W. We still control our own destiny, but the Riders have to take their game up a notch if they hope to kill the Eskimos' chances of catching us for 3rd.

lol thanks bro. And for the record I have nothing but respect for pretty much all (other) Rider fans.

It's one thing to criticize my hatred for the Eskimos.. but It's another to knock my intelligence..

hell, I've forgotten more about Football then what you know!

i'm 28. I played 8 years, coached 4 years and refereed 5 years. I know my football, like a fish knows how to swim.. (edited)

okay, cflisthebest....name calling?? Dumb.....keep it civil, please.....

You're just bitter because Maux bested you - very well, I might add.....s.uck it up, princess, and move along.....

For the record, I agree wholeheartedly with Maux in his post - you, sir, appear to be hypocritical in your positions, and appear also to not have the cognizance required to recognize it as such in yourself.....

yea but ive had 30 years of reasons to be this way, you guys haven't! and i get mad at them all the time but im never jumping off the wagon.

just showing my displeasure with their consistent failure.

Hmmm... interesting math. Cflisthebest claims to have "30 years of reasons to be this way", and in his previous post claims to be 28 years old. With this level of intelligence, who can question him???

Correction, citb....you yourself suggested you had only 28.....and I've had 32.....but really, what's your point? The point Maux made is that you flame the Esk fans for "bandwagon jumping" then suggest by this thread flaming your own team that you do the same thing.....whether or not you actually are is another matter.....but I believe what he is saying is that you now have no reason to mock Esks fans for their behaviour, and I agree.

i meant 30 years since the Riders finished ahead of Edmonton.. not me Personally.

Still haven't answered Esquimaux's original point that you constantly bash Eskimo fans for "jumping off the bandwagon", and then jump off your own bandwagon, hard, as soon as possible. We eagerly await your reply.

hey larry, who said I jumped off the wagon?

you're allowed to criticize your team, and yet still be on the "wagon"

Same thing applies to Eskimo fans, my friend. Too bad your blinding hypocrisy renders you incapable of logical thought.

thats your opinion.. any everyone's got one!

funny, I've been this way about my Riders for years, and NOW? you jump on me... please!

Actually cflisthebest, I didn't mean to insult your football intellect, I mearly pointed out your obvious lack of thinking when it comes to going out of your way in accusing detrimental personality characteristics to teams you, again, blindly hate for some obvious personal traumatic reason, and then turn around and do the same thing. Quite simple really. You think there are no checks and balances here when you pull the crap you do? Silly.

Tragedy can be a form of flattery. I am disapointed by the lost.

Sorry... I am with Esquimaux's on this one..I hate it when posters come on to our teams Forum like you did with Edm's and spew garbage ...and YES.. I am Mad about the loss & I hate the Schmoes too.. but show some class.