Whats the deal with CFL on youtube?

I know i was going on there to watch ESPN2 highlights of the game but now its not even there anymore. Anybody know how i can get it, or anybody have it wanna PM me later?

I want to start a collection of all the grey cups all the way back to the first televised game. I don't know why this hasn't been done, i'm able to find lots of CFL footage but the 94 Cup mysteriously went down one day and i'd really like to see it again, i was here in Vancouver back then and my Uncle was at that game.

I was there I have the tape team of destiny.I think it just has hightlights though

Actually Id like to have all three of BCs playoff games from that year that was awesome.

Yea i kno i watched the Grey Cup highlights tape i think it was, man if u could send that to me somehow that would be sweet, i see the West Final from 94 has some highlights there, those were sweet too.

Yea that whole playoff year was awesome. Its hard to believe how long ago it was now, hell its hard to believe that its been 8 years since i drove to Calgary for 2000 too.

I wish there was a way we could watch these, they all have them in a vault somewhere i swear cuz you can obviously watch the random game on i think ESPN Classic but thats it. The NHL is bad for this too, i'd really like to be able to pick and choose old games to watch and just know more about my teams history, one day this day's team will be history too, and i think it would be really good for both leagues to have people be able to see their history.

Im way ahead of you :stuck_out_tongue:

2005, 2006, 2007 are dvds of the actual Full broaddcast. The rest are dvd recordings from ESPN Classics. Each game has been edited down to 2 hours including comercials

Damn ro, that’s quite the collection! :o

...please take the '95 one and use the disc as a skeet m'kay?...

Ya it did cross my mind!

Actually, I lied!
A good portion of them are the games that CBC rebroadcast during Grey Cup week over the past few years....They too have been edited to 2 hours