Whats the deal on Sam Hurl?

For the umpteenth time Sad Sam I Am was exposed as a total CFL fraud.

The guy gets pushed out of lanes with little to no resistance. His tracking skills are closer to zero than they are to hobo and he can't wrap up 195 to 200 lb. running backs without assistance.

Yet, O'Shea continues trotting him out.

Why? O'Shea says he does everything they ask him. Then its a problem of specifics. Having a guy out there who just calls out signals and reads, then buries himself behind humanity is not a great idea. Its a really poor idea to be honest.

Now I understand that the bomber scouting staff are the same guys who can't find quarterbacks (Nichols was a hobo free agent). Now apparently they can't find middle linebackers.

Hurl is an embarrassment, not only to all good fans, the entire bomber organization and the scouting staff. He's a friggin' embarrassment to himself. For O'Shea to barf up some Trumpian form of excusism to validate the guys play is just toying with local fans apparent ability to swallow whatever pills they're given.

Hamilton & Masloli basically exposed the Winnipeg defense as fraudulent. Putting a guy like Singleton or Eliminian in there would correct some of the problems - but its still a poor outfit, poorly coached to boot.

.....I don't know how many times it has to be pointed out that this guy has got to go...How the hell they can keep passing him off as a middle linebacker is beyond the pale..It was so obvious last night and you're right Lyle...the right guy in the middle like a Singleton or Solly would make a heckuva difference...Most likely bring the play of the whole D line up instead of dragging it down...We are not going to win a Cup with Hurl in the middle...I don't know how many we trotted out and tried to find in the off season BUT it sure was a fruitless effort....Unless we trade for a solid middle linebacker, I just don't see fixing the problem this year...I know one thing....if we can't fix the problem, we'll be a one and dun again this year in the post season...and that ain;t washing anymore and that's on O'Shea/Walters for hanging on to deadwood for too bloody long...See Addison Richards

I say it again, that's not his birth name, he is called "Hurl" following film review of his assembly of work.

Opponents have nick-named him "SALLY FIELDS"