What's the deal of Randy stating the the league start will commence 30 days earlier in 2023?

Is the early start for a possible merger with the XFL? To gain more casual viewers? To extend betting length for the league before the NFL starts up in September? Or to get a better TV deal stateside or with TSN?

Thoughts, people?

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I don't see it helping with an XFL merger since their season, if they have one, will be much earlier. In fact, it may hurt the chances of a player-sharing arrangement with the XFL.

I think if it happens, it's for two reasons:

  1. less overlap with the NFL, so the attention of football fans (and TSN viewers) won't be divided between the two leagues.

  2. fewer cold weather games to deal with, which would hopefully increase late-season and playoff attendance


The XFL said it will return in 2023, but didn't say if it will start in February or later during the calendar year.

I have always thought the CFL should've had an early season kickoff around Victoria Day weekend and end on Halloween.

I wish the CFL played games against the MLB All-Star break on the Monday or Tuesday. Both CFL teams get a bye after a short week playing against the ASG

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I think it’s there as an option because they’ll be studying the single game betting with their partners. For example, if they find that CFL betting drops 50% after labour day then that will indicate that they might need to start earlier.

If bad attendance due to weather happens consistently then they can pull the trigger on that clause as well.

If they have a secret deal to align seasons with a spring league that’s going to be controversial for sure. Perhaps they want to expand to Chicago instead :wink:


This should probably be merged with the existing CBA thread since it's related.

In my view the league is still studying the pros and cons on moving the season 'up to' 30 days. So it may be only a week, maybe 2...maybe none at all.

They would need the PA to sign off on a change anyways. So it seems like one of the issues they agreed upon early so assuming this is part of future CBA it's a box they need to check off anyways even if the status quo remains


The NHL ends the playoff season June 30th this year .

So go against the Jays even more and go against the NHL's showcase even more .

Traditional Football makes it a fall sport even in Canada .

Not sure why any league which suffers so many issues would want to lose the only month they own all to themselves in November .

They need to play to their strengths within a domestic market not their weakness .

June is plenty early enough for football in Canada and camps in May .

Why they think they need to reinvent the league for some pipe dream when they cannot even run a CFL merchandise store online is beyond belief .

It seems to be an under the radar issue than a main CBA matter.

The 30 days movement would indicate a May 10th kickoff. By then the first round of the NHL playoffs usually end provided that playoff series don't last 7 games like this year. After the first round of playoffs, sports competition in Canada doesn't get cluttered as much

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I agree that it could be used to stimulate betting action, but the CFL needs more and bigger gambling partners than just Bet Regal to gain any traction on the early start

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That's true, but I can't see them running May through October. I still think they'll play somewhere between early February and June.


The regular season games at the end are many times meaningless so it doesn't matter what time of year they are played ..

Plus they play for some odd reason once the season changes in the fall to still more night games when the temperature drops so if they really want to get more fans for warmer weather it's a simple change to time for day to get a ten or degree better game day temperature .

It's a fools errand for the CFL there is no one looking for May football in Canada the temperature fluctuates and the weather is so unpredictable .

If this is because TSN needs a TV show to compete with Rogers in May get rid of them and buy time and resell advertising .

The tail should not be wagging the dog . I would rather they fold then bend to some bs corporate slog .

In other words, one of TSN's stronger properties will be going against two of Sportsnet's stronger properties.

Didn't the NHL have a late start this season?

The CFL shouldn't be concerned with the Blue Jays, they are mostly out of contention by late June. I don't believe the hype behind the jays.

The CFL needs to find new strengths by going internationally. Football in May gives the CFL dibs when the USFL folds next year

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One of those properties Rogers owns to themselves is in it's prime with CBC . They own this season .

What happens if TSN gets back into the NHL game ?

Then what ?

If TSN gets NHL rights again, we'd likely see a lot of CFL-NHL playoff double headers early in the CFL season. Get in afternoon CFL games while the weather is not too hot and then host NHL viewing parties in the stadiums after the game. It'd be great to have the CFL really dedicate itself to an advertising campaign during NHL playoff games on TSN.


I don't think the XFL will go that far into June. The XFL will play a 12 week schedule including playoffs. It's season should conclude in early May

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I think traditions for the CFL keep the league alive when it should be done.

Changes make it very vulnerable to losing the faithful that keep it alive .

I would not change October for November unless significant money was produced and handed over before not after .

I do mean significant money .

If there was a significant money put in I would end it Thanksgiving weekend but only with a ton of cash upfront so there is an escape if it doesn't work out .

That's about what I see as well. Which means the CFL moving up its season to early May would not be for a merger with the XFL, and it would make sharing players a bit more difficult with no break between the seasons, or with CFL training camps starting while the XFL season is still winding down.

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The CFL has to make changes to capture new faithfulls to keep it alive.

It looks like the CFL's next TV deal will be for more significant money from a Canadian and/or US Network. One thing for sure. ESPN won't be paying $200,000 annually to put CFL games behind a cable/paywall on the next contract


I wish it worked that way but I don't see it .

NHL rules right now it's a tradition in Canada now you add CHL juniors playoffs in communities across Canada whatever Raptors or NBA playoff followers and the Jays it's just not a traditional CFL time to sit outdoors yet .

The warm weather lately is not usual at all I have seen it stay cold half way thru to June .

The maple leafs fans numerous as they are have zero interest in the CFL or they would not have 5 k at BMO in June right thru to October .

The CFL is living off of tradition for sometime and it still works why lose the one month of the year they have to themselves with their show case event .

No money no time change .

Show me the bags of money before not after and I will change my mind .

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The XFL is supposedly have a player access pipeline to an NFL Training academy, which isn't affiliated with the Shield. I don't know if that will help the XFL gain access to players. But, it seems content to have any kind of attachment to the NFL

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