What's the biggest Grey Cup upset of all time ?

My vote ,would be the 1986 game . Followed closely by the 2001 game. Nobody thought the ti cats had a chance. They were slapped around in 85,84, and 80. They were playing a Eskimo team that rolled through the season and embarrassed a good BC team in the west final. Dunnigan was awful as well in that game.
The 01 game was a case of the Bombers not finishing off the Stamps in the 1st Qrt. They let them hang around and Calgary was able to make some plays . Crandall played the best 3 games of his life in that post season. Never came close to that level again. Westwood and K. Jones didn't help matters.Westwood went 1/4 and Jones had only 1 td pass.

5 of the last 6 Als appearances! :frowning: :lol:

:lol: :lol: That's pretty funny, ro... I can't really pick an upset off the top of my head...

1986 is a good choice...one of the most amazing defensive performances I can remember. The Ticats totally dismantled the Eskimos. Weren't the Esks -1 yard of offence at halftime?

I'll toss out 1958 as another one. The Bombers lost the '57 Cup 32-7 to Hamilton, and spotted the Cats a 14-point lead in '58, till van Pelt got them rolling with his 22-point performance. Of course I was an 8-year-old Bomber fan in Hamilton, so it seemed like a miracle to me!

Anyone still remember the Mud Bowl of 1950? Not me, but from the writeups it sounds like Indian Jack Jacobs should have torn the Argos apart except for the field conditions. But you did say "of all time." :slight_smile:

I just remember the ticats putting up all kinds of points in the 1st half. As you were watching it,you were waiting for the Eskimos to get serious and stop fooling around. Kind of like the 84 final, when the ticats got out to a 17 -3 lead over the Bombers. Only to have the Bombers score 45 unanswered points in a rout.Things just kept on going Hamiton's way, in the 86 game.


hell no!

the Riders at the time were playing great! they totally deserved that win!

know what grinds my gears? when people say "that team didnt deserve to win" or they didnt deserve to be there. i think thats what makes an upset awesome. they both deserve to be there. sorry, off topic again. what about the stamps first grey cup? i dont think at that time the west was ever expected to win(from what cfl traditions tells me)

The best team always wins. Doesn't mean it wasn't an upset. And comparing the best team from one year to another is fair game. Which is why the Stamps winning in 2001 was an upset. And I believe that was the worst team ever to win the Grey Cup. 2000 for BC was an upset as well. 1989 was not an upset. That was a very talented Rider team that played below the radar and suffered mega injuries during the year, but were injury free in the play-offs and played as well as they should have all year. 1986 was a surprise in the final score, but not so much that Hamilton won. 1981 was the "biggest nearly an upset" ever. Noway the 5-11 Ottawa team should have been even in a game against the 14-1-1 'Smoes....but there they were....
The 48 Stamps is a good pick. 1935 Winnipeggers was likely the biggest upset ever though. West teams used to play something like 6 play-off games (in a week or two) then get on a train to Toronto and play. Winnipeg was simply not supposed to win.

1994 BC over Baltimore

BC was 11 6 1 Bal. a first year team 12 6 0. BC playing at home in sold out BC place. No ,not an upset. Not even close to 86,01 or even 88.

What about Baltimore winnig...

i think the only upset about baltimore winning was me and the other flutie fans.... being upset.

94 was Baltimore's first year in the league and they had a lot of great players,but it took them a year to understand the Canadian game. In 95 they perfected their team and really used the import rule to their advantage.
You could make a case for any team won the Grey Cup in the other teams home stadium.

     08 STAMPS
     02 ALS
     83 ARGOS
     82 ESKS
     79 ESKS
                    May not apply to the 79 and 82 esks ?

When my team doesn’t make it there…Very Upsetting! :cry: :cry:

In 1912 the Hamilton Alerts beating the heavily favored Argos using mostly junior players.

I think the 1986 Hamilton Tiger-Cats is the biggest upset. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY expected they Ti-Cats to be even close in the game against Edmonton. Edmonton was the most dominating team that season, and had the QB duo of Matt Dunnigan and Damian Allen. They weren't bad but made to look bad by an incredible defensive performance that I doubt we will ever see again in our lifetime. Edmonton had minus yards in the first half and I believe gave up something like 12 sacks in the game. It wasn't the case of an underdog team squeeking by a heavly favoured team this was an underdog team that totally destroyed the heavly favoured team...

I don't know if you would call it an upset... but it sure upset all the Sask fans.. the 76 GC game.. I don't need to say anymore...

1966 could be considered an upset, no one expected the Western Riders to win the game..

......I think the memory banks are failing a bit 'ploen-truth'....I could have sworn that Kenny Ploen quarter-backed the Bombers in the 58' Cup game...How could i mix that one -up...I remember distinctly being down 14 pts. in the first quarter...and against Faloney and the Cats, i thought that was all-she-wrote....I also remember Bud Grant settling his players down...( he never got over excited...just found a way to beat ya) and bang bang...Bombers were right back in it.... Jim Van Pelt was phenomenal in his brief career with the BigBlue...He took the starting job away from Ploen....i do remember that...He did suffer a very badly separated shoulder that hurt his career... and never regained his form ...It was devastating to the Bomber faithful at that time...Anyway...that was a great comeback by a Bomber team that was not supposed to win against a very good TiCat team.... :thup:

I just checked the “history” section for the 1958 Cup, papa, and that was indeed Jim Van Pelt’s GC game. Not to say the memory-banks are perfect…but that was one fine game. :rockin: