What's the Best Way to Honor Ivor Wynne?

With the new stadium being named Tim Horton's Field, which is a great fit! - it got me to thinking what would be a great way to continue to honor Ivor Wynne? He gave a lot for the betterment of Hamilton.

I had three ideas:

  1. A plaque on the wall of honor
  2. The Cats Claws Fan Club could consider making him an honorary lifetime member.
  3. The Ti-Cats Alumni association could make him an honorary lifetime member.

He can't be a "lifetime" member - he's dead.
Besides the stadium was named after him for 41 years, isn't that honour enough?
Isn't there a building at McMaster named after him?

Not to be insensitive but you're right. Ivor Wynne has been honored enough by having his name on the stadium for over 40 years. I can't be nostalgic for nostalgia's sake. We've turned the page and now it's Tim Hortons Field

One of the features of the new stadium has been described as "a museum of city, Ticats, and Tim Hortons history." I presume it will include the history of the property, and the structures which have adorned it over the years, and that will include the story behind the naming of the previous stadium. That should do it.

I read that the media room might be named after him.

Good to see reactions to my post. The media room makes sense as he was a broadcaster.

Ivor Wynne served on the Park's Board, at McMaster and as a broadcaster.
He has been honoured for more than 40 years as such. With full accolades
to him for an impressive past, do we really owe him any more?

I think TIM HORTON FIELD should stand on its own merit based on that company's
affiliation with the team and this city. Corporate sponsorship has arrived everywhere
whether we like it or not.

If we honour individuals, where to we draw the line?

Name the new scoreboard "Ivor Wynn Score Board"