What's the best bar to watch the game in the Hammer?

Hey there.

I'm new to the site. I'm looking for a good bar to go watch tonight's game. Any suggestions would be helpful.


Great question. :slight_smile:

yup.. it's a good night to go for a couple beer and watch the cats on the big screen.

Downtown or on the mountain?

either or would be fine, I heard that the 5th quarter is hosted at Philthy McNasty's I was thinking maybe that would be good. But I'm game for downtown or mountain.

Philthy McNasty's on Upper James -- not exactly sure of its street number, but I was impressed by it when I visited it a few years ago. It also has hosted The Fifth Quarter recently. Perhaps others can chime in.

Oski Wee Wee,

8) You're leaving it a little late to ask that question aren't you !!!
The game is on TSN, and you can watch it at home, with out having to worry about drinking and driving (home) !!!

Besides, it's better to watch the gamne at home, then you don't have to listen to all those drunken jokers yelling in the background to distract you from your train of thought and sensibility !!!!!       <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Well I've heard the Endzone bar and grill downtown is good, and on the mountain Philthy McNasty's on Upper James is where I'd probably go. They have many TVs, and a big screen(i believe a projector) in the center, nice bar, patio, and like others have mentioned the 5th Quarter by CHML is hosted live there. On the Patio though i dont think there is a TV, i can't remember..

Philthy McNasty's: 1441 Upper James Street

i think they only do that for home games. but i could be wrong.

Good point, not sure either..

The guy says he wants to watch the game in a group setting and have two beers over 3 hours and you talk about him drinking and driving. Where is the Wacko emoticon?

Like mentioned above, The Endzone, at King and Rosedale in the eastend is a good spot. Sports bar, lots of tv's, pub grub etc.

Just realized it is game time, and you have already gone, so doesn't matter eh what?