Whats that you say?

there is something called world series happening now. Go figure.


who is playing?

what’s the score?

wake me when its over :slight_smile:

First i heard of it…

Hey, we aren’t supposed to insult other leagues here. At least that’s what I have gleaned.

fixed it for ya

You compare the World Series back when I was a kid to today and it’s night in day with interest .

Because of having three channels most likely but we watched and talked about it .

Today it’s just lost in the ocean of entertainment .

Because I stream my content and more selective with no longer looking at a menu screen or time specific watching ; it completely changes your pattern of viewing behaviour .

I see that as the future .

It will be interesting to see where all this ends up for pro sports .

Definitely will see those casual fans not getting sucked up with the hype whatever league is the flavour of the pro sports season .

They just will not care enough to purchase when it becomes much more a selective choice that requires you to do more than just change the channel .


It’s nice when someone catches the toss up, Neil. Glad you enjoyed.

It would be a shame if sports - at least when a ‘home’ team is involved - is something that doesn’t sweep up close to half the population when in a playoff run as it does now because casual fans currently have that easy TV access to it - without having to subscribe to a particular streaming service…

It makes for a fantastic social shared experience in large part because we are experiencing it all at the same time. And ‘home’ team in Canada’s case can be the Raptors and Jays as was proven last spring for the Raptors and 3-4 years ago for the Jays. That was so much fun across the entire country.

And sports is something I still prefer to watch in real time. Sure I can stream games later on but it is just not the same IMO as when you are watching at the same time as fellow fans, friends and family. Watching with others or the exchange of messages with family, friends and co-workers by text or Facebook posts or phone calls while watching big games on live TV adds to the experience. I’d hate to lose that.

I find now if I’m streaming a game when it is not live, I invariably find myself eventually fast forwarding.

The difference in terms of the enjoyment I get from watching TV when a game is actually live compared to watching it later is pretty significant. Not so with watching a Netflix Series a few days or even weeks after they first released.

I think most people who watch sports via streams do so in real time.

I know some people PVR sports, but like you I’ve never been able to really get into a game when I know it’s already over. I might review some highlights, but that’s it.

Yep real time is when I watch sports .

The same I watch highlites if they interest me .

I don’t see the end of pro sports at all . Its been proven live audiences even smaller ones are worth so much for advertisers .

Don’t think you will lose anything but those casual fans who may not really care enough to purchase programming that is not free with streaming .

I just don’t think today people do sports the same as it’s on TV all the time now and it’s not a big of a deal .

The audience just becomes more polarized into smaller groups as selection increases .

The local team will still get the bandwagoners but the true loyal fan will most likely shrink as more entertainment beckons our attention .

The World Series spoken about for op is an example .

Growing up TV live World Series was watched no matter who was playing .

Today only the real baseball guys watch .

In the 1970’s we all knew chant Reggie Reggie Reggie even the casuals and non casuals .

Expos and Jays fans cared .

Today not so much .

The only time I had any interest in watching MLB was when Bo Jackson was playing. On the other hand, I loved playing any kind of baseball, right behind football and soccer. As with football and soccer, I miss it.

Who says that? You again?

When you disagree, now all such conversation is off the table according to YOU?

Pick and choose man.

I have no idea what you are talking about ? Please enlighten me.

That’s awesome.

C’mon Paolo, tell me what you mean. I think you may have something twisted. I have no beef with you. Have I inadvertently done something to you ? C’mon, enquiring minds want to know.

This was so long ago that, in looking at the thread again, I think I missed the sarcasm in your original post. Oops. :o

All is good , my friend. :wink:

Truth! I remember the World Series being a big deal everywhere including in Canada regardless of who was playing. Now it’s just truly hardcore baseball fans as well as the casual fans in the cities involved who are really interested.


Yes sir I remember my dad told me they listened to the World Series on the radio at Thanksgiving on the farm .

There was something more magical and special when I was young kid . I remember as kids we talked about it walking to school .

We played lots of pick up ball as well back then .

It was more part of our lives . I don’t even know anyone who watched the series this year and that includes guys who played soft ball in the summer .

Apparently game 7 got 1.2 million but the rest of the games was 500,000 to 650 in Canada for the World Series on Sportsnet . The casuals are not tuning in at all if the Jays are not in it .