What's should be done for 2024

Here’s my thoughts for next year
Orlando should be released from his contract
Hamilton should do a GM search and one of the persons they should reach out to is Danny McManus.
My dream team would be Kahari Jones as head coach and Danny McManus in general manager.

But I’d be fine with just bringing in a new front office completely regardless of who I like personally.

Believe I Mitchell needs to be released
We’re fine with Powell and Schultz and Loxley
Plus it saves us a ton of cap

I know everyone likes Simoni Lawrence
But maybe it’s time to trade him for an asset

There needs to be a major change in football operations
I appreciate that steinhauer got us to a great cup
But the truth is the team he coached to that amazing record wasn’t his build . That was June Jones built Team

Orlando has been an average coach not an outstanding one. And when they added another hat I don’t think he could handle it and he proved it this year with the team’s dismal record.

His press conference didn’t exactly impress me today either

It’s time to clear the field and start over
New football operations Department
New personnel
Let 2024 start the rebuild because what we’ve got now just won’t do

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McManus makes sense … if they were to hire Jones, I would suggest they keep him away from the offence … but as an ALs fan I say make him HC/OC. :wink:

But I expect Steinhauer will preserve his job as GM, drop his HC role and look for his own replacement.


I would rather hire an up-and-coming co-ordinator like Mark Kilam over a guy that’s failed/been fired as a coach on every team he’s been on. Looking at the offensive prowess of the Ottawa, can you honestly say that Khari would be a good HC candidate on any team in the League?


That’s my expectation too
Was Scott morenovich becoming the head coach
I wouldn’t be thrilled at this happened
Because if someone say that another thread it’s rinse and repeat and nothing will change.

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Okay I see your point maybe bring him in as a quarterback coach

I know you like Khari, but he failed at that too.


Except for the fact that he’s NOT the General Manager. There are three people - Allemang, Zimmerman, and Hervey - filling that role. He’s the President of Football Operations, who OUTRANKS the person/people who would normally outrank the Head Coach.

Khari Jones just let go in Ottawa, he could be due for HC job.
Henry Burris has spent the last few years as a guest coach in the NFL, he’s a motivator and would make a good HC
Can McManus coach? he’s spent a lot of years as a scout and assistant GM in Winnipeg, don’t know if he’s got his coaching certificate

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Steinauer is incapable of either position. A DB coach … at best.

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They are actually listed as Assistant GMs. So in the scenario where he stays he could be President and GM.

Apologies … even MORE reason to keep that job and dump HC role

I think McManus as GM would be the play. Not a coach.


Looking at the player signings, trades, releases, and suspensions the past two seasons and tell me how he’s succeeded in that management role.

My opinion is that he is extremely unsuited to the role to the point of incompetence. He was an excellent D-Coord, a decent HC in his first season, mismanaged the QB role in his second with that “1A/1B” BS, and the last two seasons have been a sharp decline. If he is to focus on ONE job, it should probably be as a coach only.

Either way, I don’t want to see him on the team next year in ANY capacity.

Orlando as coach, not president, would be my preference. But why would he take a pay cut or demotion though? Maybe instead of losing his job all together? Coach O did a great job in 2019 and 2021 in my opinion, and things have fallen apart once he was given extra responsibility. Too close to the forest to see the trees maybe?
Danny Mac as the proper GM would he great.
Cut bait with BLM and use his 520k elsewhere.
Bring Simoni back, he was awesome in 2023.
Sign Liegghio for all three kicking duties and take advantage of his National status. He was clutch down the stretch.
Let’s take a shot and make Powell number one and take advantage of his cheap salary. My gut says, if handled correctly, Powell can be great. The doubters weren’t paying attention to his growth.

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Instead of McMannus (who has no GM experience) how about this guy

And I think he’s a local guy.


Can’t see KJ being a fit in Hamilton if Milanovich is back. As others have mentioned, he’s been fired from his previous jobs. Got canned in OTT after just one year as OC.

If he doesn’t surface in Saskatchewan in some capacity, I think his CFL coaching career may be over.

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Too bad Scott Mitchell is now a part-owner of the team. Because i see him and his personality as the root cause of the Cats problems in the Bob Young era. He seemed at times to be belligerent during the stadium debate with the city. Maybe Bob should be more an owner than a caretaker.


I agree 100%. Get Bob Young to buy him out. And replace him with Danny McManus

What do you say Bob???

NEVER said he has … but unless he is fired, as President of Football Operations he can decide to step down as HC and stay as PFO.

This ‘caretaker’ business needs to stop.

As the majority shareholder, you must OWN IT. Run it like a corporation and/or hire talent who can. Drive bottom line accountability, and get results.

I read the term ‘caretaker’ as acheiving status quo. Status quo is the current reflection of the rich and historic Tiger Cat brand. Not a winning/succesful culture, you see this via management, coaching, and the players. A team that is unable to progress, undisciplined and uninspired.

As a diehard fan, a lack of accountability and low/no expectations from the organization is frustrating.